For most folks, 10 days at sea is enough, regardless of how many hot towels and Mai Tais the ship’s staff slides your way. But for the intrepid adventurer (read: wealthy person with nothing better to do), even a month-long cruise just isn’t enough.

We compiled data on over 2,000 cruises, including every major cruise line. These 9 cruises stood above the rest as the longest of all, each many times the average cruise length (10 days).

#9 North Atlantic & Panama Canal (Copenhagen to Los Angeles) – Norwegian Cruise Line

#8 Passage to the Far East (Rotterdam to Singapore) – Holland America Line

#7 World Cruise Segment 3 (Singapore to Ft. Lauderdale) – Holland America Line

#6 Asia & Africa Grand Adventure (Singapore to London) – Princess Cruises

[Update!] The ship has sailed on this one-time, 62-day cruise. The listing has been removed.

#5 Grand South America & Antarctica (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) – Holland America Line

#4 Grand Pacific & Far East (Seattle to San Diego) – Holland America Line

#3 World Cruise Segment (Ft. Lauderdale to New York) – Cunard

#2 World Cruise (Southamptom Roundtrip) – Cunard

#1 World Cruise (Miami Roundtrip) – Oceania Cruises

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The behemoth known as fast food industry has helped transform America into a nation of heart attacks and bubbler, yet Americans flock to it time and time again.

Why? It’s that glorious combination of salt, sugar, and fat our taste buds have evolved to crave. So if you just chowed down on a juicy burger and you’re feeling guilty, blame it on evolution! You can’t be held accountable for that, right?

We understand that everyone gives in to the temptation once in a while. But we’re deeming the following 10 burgers appropriate only if you just ran a marathon or did an ironman. Seriously.

Unless you want to consume more than half of your daily recommended caloric intake in one sitting, and almost exceed, or actually exceed the recommended intake of fat and sodium, these drool-worthy burgers are ones to think twice before ordering.

To make this list of the 10 fast food burgers you hate to love, we looked at the largest fast food burger chains according to data reported by QSR Magazine, and ranked the worst burger on the menu at each chain according to calorie amount in order of smallest to largest offender.

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Savings accounts keep your money safe. And although they only accumulate small amounts of interest, they’re a better option than saving your pennies in a piggy bank, where you’re earning nothing at all.

But with multiple factors to consider, like bank type, interest rates, and start up fees, choosing a savings account can be tricky. So how do you choose one?

The best savings accounts have a high interest rate and low monthly fees, because they’re the accounts that offer the biggest year over year return on investment, without annoyances like monthly charges, or penalties for using a non-bank owned ATM.

We combined six important factors for choosing a savings account, including interest rate (APY), minimum balance to avoid fee, monthly fee, overdraft fee, minimum balance to open an account, and service fee for using a non-bank owned ATM, into one overall score out of 100—the Smart Rating—to pick the top 10 Savings Accounts in the nation.

#5 Barclays Dream


You’ve probably seen stories on the smartest states or cities in America. For instance, Massachusetts has more 4-year degree holders (38.7%) than any state in the union, while Mississippi (19.7%) has the least. For cities, it all depends on your population cut-off point. Do you count that tiny Wyoming town with three nuclear physicists and two doctors? If you just focus on cities with over 100k people, you’ll find that Michigan’s Ann Arbor (70.3% hold a bachelor’s degree) and Flint (11.4%) provide a fairly reliable upper and lower bound.

States and cities are interesting enough, but we were curious: what about neighborhoods? We spent weeks compiling Census data from across America to put together a database of over 140k neighborhoods. Next, we filtered out neighborhoods with under 5k residents. Of the remaining 6.3k candidates, we selected the 10 with the highest proportion of college graduates. Without further ado, here are the 10 best-educated neighborhoods in America:

#10 – Lynnhurst – Minneapolis, MN


So you own a business, and you know that hardly anybody uses the Yellow Pages anymore, but you’re not sure how to help people find your company. The first step is to make a website. Once that’s done, one of the most effective ways to get your company found is through search engine optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of increasing a website’s exposure to internet users through improving its rankings on organic (unpaid) search results. Good SEO is critical because over 90% of clicks on search engine results come from the first page.

If you own a glass repair shop, for example, you’ll want to be sure that when somebody near your business searches for “glass repair,” you appear as high up on the first page of results as possible.

How to achieve great SEO

It is difficult to identify how search engines determine rankings, because major ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t specify exactly how their ranking algorithms work. But people have ascertained enough to know that algorithms evaluate factors such as site content, structure, and inbound and outbound links (links leading to or away from your website).

It’s possible to manage SEO yourself, or hire somebody to do the job in-house, but many people choose to hire an SEO firm.

Qualities to look for in an SEO firm

Effective SEO companies identify what is required to obtain a first-page ranking, and then cater their SEO strategy to meet these requirements.

You’ll want to find a company that:

  1. Runs a comprehensive site analysis to determine what parts of the site need optimizing, as well as strategy for optimization.
  2. Runs a comprehensive keyword analysis to identify what keywords should be targeted for the site.
  3. Enhances your Google PageRank. Google PageRank can range from 0-10 (with 10 being best), and is based off of a page’s authenticity and number of inbound and outbound links.

You’ll also want to consider:

  1. The firm’s tracking features: can they monitor how traffic to your site is increasing?
  2. The firm’s typical client business size: do they cater to small, mid-size, large, or enterprise businesses?
  3. Pricing platform: firms charge in various ways, including flat rate, hourly, monthly, and per project.

Because Google PageRank is such an important part of SEO, we wanted to know which SEO firms have managed to create a good PageRank for themselves. Because who wants to hire an SEO firm that has not excelled in its own SEO? Many firms have a noteworthy ranking of at least 6, and two firms, Submit Express and AT Internet, rank at 7.

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Birth Control Efficacy

If you fail to follow the directions for a cake and forget to add an egg, the worst that will happen is that you’ll be left with a crumbly mess.

But fail to follow the directions for birth control, and you might be left with a whole lot more.

Birth control failure rates increase dramatically when contraceptives (that are otherwise highly effective) are used incorrectly. Rates of failure for condoms, for example, rise from 2 to 18 percent, and failure rates for the pill rise from 0.3 to 9 percent.

There are also contraceptives, like sugarless, flourless, carbless cake, that are so bad they make one wonder why they exist at all.

Take spermicide and sponges, for example, with failure rates in the high to mid 20’s, these methods are shining examples of forms of contraception that one should not seek.

So how much risk is too much? We can’t tell you that, but we can give you the data and let you decide for yourself.

Note, the graph below shows the 16 types of birth control with the highest failure rates by typical use, or how a method or birth control is commonly used in practice. It also includes perfect use, or failure rates when a method of birth control is taken exactly as instructed.

America's Top 10 Breweries

America’s Top 10 Breweries

For many Americans, beer is personal. You’ve got your go-to drink, your standard bar, and maybe even your favorite bartender. Why patronize the swanky place downtown when Harry’s, your good old standby, beckons—just two blocks from home?

So don’t worry: we know how you feel. But a top 10 list had to be done. We pulled our lazy selves off our local bar stools, grabbed our beer bellies, and set out to rank the top 10 breweries in America. For these rare establishments, a night (or weekend) away from your favorite brew is plenty worth it. We promise.

#10 – Papago Brewing Company

scariest bungee jumps in the world

The 10 Scariest Bungee Jumps in the World

For many, bungee jumping is a once in a lifetime event. So if you’re going to do it, do it right! Don’t mess around with those teeny 100 foot jumps, but go all out at one of the most terrifying destinations in the world.

To help thrill seekers evaluate their craziest options, we ranked 80 of the most popular jumps by height. Click below to see the 10 highest and scariest bungee jumps which include one location where you can jump in the middle of the night, and another that hosted Prince Harry.


Music Festivals Similar to Coachella

Coachella is a three day foray into the desert of Southern California, where hundreds of thousands of attendees—dressed in their finest hippie garb—flock to the stages of their favorites artists.

There are three types of people who are not going to coachella this year:

1. The Nochella’s. Do you dislike the the thought of being trapped in a desert surrounded by masses of drunk and sweaty people for three days? Congratulations, you’re a Nochella, and you will be happily absent from the festival this year.

2. The Brokechella’s. Do you have big-time FOMO (fear of missing out), but lack the $375 in funds to drop in one weekend? Congratulations, you made a responsible choice—maybe next year!

3. The Slowchella’s. Is Coachella totally your scene? Are you dying to go, but just didn’t get a ticket in time? No congratulations for you, but there is some good news.

There are 5 music festivals in America more expensive than Coachella. We know that price isn’t necessarily correlated with quality, but in this case, we think price has risen to meet demand.

These festivals might be unable to replace Coachella in your heart, but with plenty of artists and bands to see, car camping sites, and beer tents galore, they might make for a good alternative. And with every festival either in California, Florida, or Hawaii, the locations are nothing to complain about.

Note, the festivals are ranked by price per day

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For most of us, a divorce is ugly business, with potential custody battles and complications over shared property. A $200 fee and 30 day waiting period are usually the last thing anyone is worried about.

For the rare individual, however, divorce fees and waiting periods are more than a minor nuisance. Some states require a minimum of 540 days to process a divorce, even if a settlement is reached right away. This is bad news for both Johnny and his mistress in waiting.

We looked at divorce laws for all 50 states to find the easiest (and most difficult) places to file for divorce. The data was collected from individual state government websites and the American Bar Association. Our Ease of Filing Score is based on a combination of waiting periods and fees, where the shorter the period and the lower the fee, the higher the overall score.

Topping the list is Alaska, where you can pay $150, wait 30 days, and skip off into the sunset with a state-verified divorce. Appropriately, Alaska also boasts the highest divorce rate, with 14 out of every 1,000 adults filing every year.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Arkansas. The fee—$165—isn’t too bad, but the 540 day waiting period is the longest in the nation. If you have your next gentleman or lady in mind, be sure to change your residence before you start the divorce proceedings.

Finally, do fees and waiting periods actually influence divorce rates, or is it just a coincidence that Alaska ranks number one in both ease of filing and divorce frequency? We charted our Ease of Filling Score against each state’s divorce rate to find out:

There is a weak positive correlation between the two (0.31), but that’s hardly definitive. There could be any number of factors at play here, and as always, correlation does not equal causation. Also, experts note that divorce laws can vary even within states, changing slightly by county, so be sure to check your local laws before cutting ties with the mister or missus.

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