The behemoth known as fast food industry has helped transform America into a nation of heart attacks and bubbler, yet Americans flock to it time and time again.

Why? It’s that glorious combination of salt, sugar, and fat our taste buds have evolved to crave. So if you just chowed down on a juicy burger and you’re feeling guilty, blame it on evolution! You can’t be held accountable for that, right?

We understand that everyone gives in to the temptation once in a while. But we’re deeming the following 10 burgers appropriate only if you just ran a marathon or did an ironman. Seriously.

Unless you want to consume more than half of your daily recommended caloric intake in one sitting, and almost exceed, or actually exceed the recommended intake of fat and sodium, these drool-worthy burgers are ones to think twice before ordering.

To make this list of the 10 fast food burgers you hate to love, we looked at the largest fast food burger chains according to data reported by QSR Magazine, and ranked the worst burger on the menu at each chain according to calorie amount in order of smallest to largest offender.

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