Savings accounts keep your money safe. And although they only accumulate small amounts of interest, they’re a better option than saving your pennies in a piggy bank, where you’re earning nothing at all.

But with multiple factors to consider, like bank type, interest rates, and start up fees, choosing a savings account can be tricky. So how do you choose one?

The best savings accounts have a high interest rate and low monthly fees, because they’re the accounts that offer the biggest year over year return on investment, without annoyances like monthly charges, or penalties for using a non-bank owned ATM.

We combined six important factors for choosing a savings account, including interest rate (APY), minimum balance to avoid fee, monthly fee, overdraft fee, minimum balance to open an account, and service fee for using a non-bank owned ATM, into one overall score out of 100—the Smart Rating—to pick the top 5 Savings Accounts in the nation.

Click the button below to scroll through the top 5 accounts!

5. GE Capital Bank Online Savings – 95 –>

  • Debuji

    This is for Americans !

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  • Anon

    Ha! Living in New Zealand, I get 3.5% on my CHECKING account. The US Economy really is in a tight spot.

    • drb-

      and thats why the carry trade (Jap, US depositors) are making your currency too expensive to seriously compete economically….

      • Ramelak

        This is your second comment, and so is mine – I seriously suggest you go around the world and see for yourself the better returns – you might decide not to return to the US!

    • Jeffro

      Call me Mr. Obvious… but let me point out that you stated you live in New Zealand. I think the jokes on you my friend.

      • Erick


      • OC

        I would love to live there! I’ll trade him.

      • BVR

        No, your the joke my freak. You flag waiving tea partier that pays his employees dirt.

        • Charles Wesley

          TROLL ALERT. The fools are out in force!

        • Robert Wynn

          yes im a flag waveing tea partier.i dont want to be a stinking liberal who wants to steal every every dollar from hard working people so that the leeches can get and call them selves equal. There is a simple solution stupid liberal get a damn job.

          • johnt77

            I am a liberal and proud of it .I am not so blind that I think I can blame others and solve problems. One truth is that there are more conservative people and governments in the world than liberal leeches.
            So learn to take so responsibility for your own mistake and not always blame others for every situation. Hell I never have a conservative brag about one single thing. All comes out of a conservative is criticism and hate.

          • Robert Wynn

            #1 the democrats wrote the book on hate,they call us racist all the time because we dont like the socialist aganda.We dont care what color you are we plainly dont like facist politicts,you know like haveing obama care slammed down our throats.Socialism at its finest.im a regestered democrat my self.im not a socialist.I wont vote with the socialist party.

          • Kevin Bacon

            Maybe you should move to New Zealand. I don’t see it getting better for you here anytime soon. You can get a good price on any Malaysian flight to any destination you like. bon voyage !!

          • Robert Wynn

            dont have to move all the social liberals will be out in november.

          • Gex

            I certainly hope you are correct.

          • mimi

            “…Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

          • EZ2figure

            Republicans are bigots, wrapping the flag around themselves and their church as if it is one and the same, while pushing the protectionist Dribble Down Theory that the rich will shower our workers with good paying jobs if the rich just get enough wealth.
            For the last forty years, we have been bound to Republican dogma, and our wages have flat-lined, while corporations have thrived, and done well. Republican attacks on our unions, in efforts to separate workers from having representation in the United States has done nothing to raise our wages, while Republicans have allowed our infrastructure to decay, by refusing to invest in it, while convincing us that the poor are at fault, who have no money, while the rich ship our jobs and factories to slave labor communist countries, as if Communism is better than our own workers!
            Republicans revere Putin, and openly claim they would rather serve him than President Obama, while Republicans have blocked everything Obama tries to do, thereby exonerating him from blame!
            Why do Republicans revere Mitt Romney, whose wealth was obtained by cheating American workers out of their jobs, while he harvested the profits and plundered their pensions, then shipped the factories to his Romney Enterprise Zones in communist countries?
            You have no souls! You just serve blindly, wrapping the flag and the bible around you, not ever looking up to see the scoundrels your party pushes, with billions in political contributions, to gerrymander districts, and win elections, while tearing the fabric of our nation apart!
            Rrepublicans blame the poor for what you promote! You want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare for the elderly! You want to eliminate minimum wages! States, like Republican-run Texas, require no corporations to provide healthcare to their workers!
            Republicans want to push immigrants from this nation of immigrants! You want to send the blacks back to Africa, Mexicans back to Mexico, and make this an all-white nation of the poor!
            Rep[ublicans oppose public schools, while Mitt Romney, investing 60 Million dollars into Charter Schools, reaps his profits, while students, in 50 or more students per teacher classrooms, do worse in those Charter Schools!
            Republicans promote a KXL Pipeline that only serves Canada with a pipeline to ship their filthy heavier than water tars to the Koch Brothers in the tax-free gulf, where the Koch Brothers can happily refine the crude, place it on ships to China, while Americans get stuck with all of the Koch and bitumen residues, and see no decrease in the cost at our gas stations, across America!
            Republicans spin a web of lies, genuflect for FOX Entertainment News, and think you are normal! If you get any more “normal”, America shall be the third world country your designs are promoting, and it will be your fault, but you will blame it on the Democrats, because you always blame others for what you do!
            Fire the Republicans! They know not what they do!

          • GrannieAnnie

            Mitt WORKED for his money. Unlike “O”. Hello. Where on earth do you get your info?? …and “O” has amassed a WHOLE lot a money/wealth…as has Hillary. WHERE is the outrage???
            …AND spent more than about any other Pres…..good grief….
            When I as one, 60+ yr old person am paying 25% for my healthcare that IS INSANE!!! Another 33% in taxes but somehow that is “fair”. Really?? No doubt you are YOUNG and have your hand out.

          • DHeer

            - I can tell you never read Mitt’s bio. He never worked a day in his life.

          • EZ2figure

            Mitt went to college on his Daddy’s profit from selling off American Motors, pocketing profits and pension funds, just like Mitt learned to do, while ignoring the grief he pushes on American workers, just so he can build dozens of chateaus that waste national resources to heat and cool, and he doesn’t even live in them! Can’t Mitt decide where he wants to live, like the rest of us? Or is he special? IF he was really interested in the American Dream, why does he oppose it for all of the workers he displaced? Don’t tell me he works hard, while he boards personal jets, and convinces fellow carpetbaggers to follow his example, invest in his campaign of greed, while real working Americans work, digging ditches, building bridges (if only Republicans would allow that work to continue), and teaching our children, while Mitt invests money into Charter Schools, that have fewer teachers per student, fewer choices of a curriculum than our public schools, while he lines his pockets with those profits, and the scholastic ratings are proven to be worse than the public school system Republicans refuse to fund! Republicans are “Zombie liars”, refusing to grasp reality, even when statistics show how foolhardy their “Dribble Down theory” has been to this nation, while our wages flat-lined for the last forty years! Fire the Republicans! What they have convinced you they do, versus what they really do, is two separate worlds, my friend!

          • EZ2figure

            No ma-am! I served from 1968-1972 in service to my country, during the Viet Nam War. I may sound young, because I find facts so much more enlightening than talking head rhetoric that gets passed around the rightwing media channels we are constantly bombarded with, for the sake of profits from the advertisers who flock to those channels, because they are more of a form of entertainment, rather than real news, as FOX has shown can be quite profitable! But it doesn’t mean that what FOX pushes is reality! They make money keeping haters hating, instead of a lofty goal of uniting Americans for a better future, like a living wage solution to poverty and turning away from the “more oil solutions” they make great advertising dollars from! Instead of pondering a solution like that, Republicans, and Fox Entertainment News would rather blame poor folks, whose jobs were shipped overseas, or were wiped out by weather events. or Republican shenanigans, like those in Detroit, where the Red-state politicians are selling off the ritzi parts of the defunded city to their cronies, while refusing to keep water running for those who cannot afford to move, nor have access to jobs, while Governor Snyder refuses to invest the resources needed to revitalize the city, without raping it first!

          • EZ2isamoron

            EZ2 is a complete moron. Brain is soft.

          • EZ2figure

            Did your screen pencil run out of ink, or is your typing finger impotent?

          • Jet5

            Wow, what a bunch of BS you spew! Enough said as you obviously do not deal with reality!

          • EZ2figure

            or maybe, Jet5, you wouldn’t know reality because it in no way resembles what you have learned from FOX Entertainment News….just sayin’

          • GEagle1

            “Republicans revere Putin, and openly claim they would rather serve him than President Obama”

            Any tiny shred of credibility you may have had at some point in your life just evaporated with this comment. How could anyone take anything you say seriously when you make comments like this?

          • EZ2figure

            Apparently, you haven’t seen the adoration of John McCain, and all of the talking heads at FOX News, who gush at the prospect of having a leader like Putin, rather than a leader like Obama. Perhaps you are just lying for the fun of it. Either way, I am not the one who is putting out false commentary, unsupported by facts! You are!

          • EZ2figure

            Fascism is the handshake between corporations and government….which is exactly what the Republican agenda has always been! You may consider these things the hallmark of the Democrats, but it is Democrats who are the ones raising minimum wages, creating demand, that raises the income level of all Americans, and creating profits for business, as well! The more taxes paid result in the ability of our nation to pay our debts! Republicans oppose taxes! Then they blame the Democrats for the national deficit! Your rightie Supreme Court justices have decided “corporations are humans, with religious rights”!
            Sadly, your false belief in the Republican dogma, versus what they really promote, at opposite ends of the spectrum, are what baffles me as to why anyone would ever vote for a Republican!
            Too many Republicans fail to grasp the idea of what a social contract is, versus the propaganda pushed by FOX, CNN, and network news outlets, and Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and all of the Republican Governor Rick “Coathanger” Perry’s ideas of fairness, from the right side of the political spectrum! All of these shock-jocks have one thing in common…they count on ill-informed folks to believe their divisive remarks, and you are just another casualty who needs to seek treatment in the form of actual reality, for once in your life!
            YOU say you hate Socialism, yet our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Police, Firemen, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, EPA, AQMD, the Court System, our roads, bridges, seaports, railways, , public schools, streetlights, national parks, the White House, all of our monuments, are just a few of the “Socialist” ideas we embrace, as Americans.
            Somehow I fail to grasp how Republicans can protest so loudly about the rights of women to have access to abortions, while you scream at the rooftops about a few born children, from within our nation, or abroad, who have fled their nations, in hopes of survival. It is like you hate abortions if they are American children, but push hard to abort every child from any other nation, while this nation’s greatness is due to the immigration of all of the talents that have always come from other nations, including the Anti-Unified Church of England Puritans and the slaves who built our White House!
            Just like most Republicans, you claim that life is sacred, but not if a person is of a different nationality, or color, or political party! Republicans are the bigots of this nation! Republicans are the ones who promote “an eye for an eye” and constantly push for war, throwing the stones, while refusing the teachings of Jesus, who taught us to “turn the other cheek” and to seek remedy through setting examples, not by stoning people, hanging them, or blasting them back to the Dark Ages!
            You are just another casualty to reality, and refuse to look in the mirror and proclaim you have been duped, brainwashed, and mistaken about what the goals of the Republican Party has become since Reagan began the attacks on worker’s rights, while reducing the 90% tax rate for big business! Our wages have stagnated, and our deficit has increased ever since!
            Republicans blame everyone else but themselves, living on “Zombie Lies”, as coined by Bill Maher, who says these lies, always refuted, still live on in the minds of Republicans, and refuse to die! Blame yourself for promoting the Koch Agenda, whereby Republicans would promote child labor, no minimum wage laws, no work safety, no healthcare requirement, like the whole state of Texas has for any business within their border, where Governor Perry wants to send National Guard troops to the border, instead of pushing John Boehner to put the Immigration Bill, already passed by the Senate, on the floor of the House of Representatives for an up or down vote that would resolve the immigration problem, build more fence, all of the things you whiners are pushing for!
            Blame yourself for the do-nothing Congress, who wants Americans to believe that President Obama does nothing, while threatening to sue him for trying to do what John Boehner won’t in the Congress!
            Of course, you can now say none of this is true, and place your head back in the sand, your fingers back in your ears, as our planet warms to the carbon menace your party ignores, hoping for the “Rapture” to remove you from what your own party has created….hate, division, and conflict, at home, and abroad! But when you again raise your head, Republicans are the ones who are dividing this nation, where all people are supposed to be equals, not just the rich ones, who get subsidized, whom Republicans puppet for and agree with, while the rest of our nation starves, has less than 1500 dollars in a savings bank, and you blame the poor for the low wages corporations refuse to raise! Blame yourself for shopping at Wal-Mart, or Staples, where Mitt Romney pushes products from the slaves in Red China, making that nation stronger, pocketing the profits in the Cayman Islands, after shipping our factories that used to be in America over there, leaving too many people out of work here, with no prospects of a solution, since WalMart refuses to pay wages that makes every store cost state governments over one million dollars of our taxes to make sure these folks get access to healthcare, and additional support, as their wages fall into poverty status! A living wage resolution would save us taxpayers from supporting the greed of the Walton family!
            Blame yourself, for promoting draconian attacks on our poor, as if it is somehow their fault they cannot find decent wages, while Republicans attack the idea of a public school system, that is being dismantled by Republicans, like Mitt Romney, with 60 Million invested in Charter Schools, for profit’s sake, the greedy sociopathic goal of those who already have enough, but are addicted to wealth, while refusing to make sure our nation thrives, because they are using our tax system to remove the money flow from within our nation! Blame yourself for following them! Fire the Republicans!

          • EZ2isamoron

            WOW. What utter nonsense. Your parents probably threw you out of the house

          • EZ2isamoron

            If what EZ Moron said was true, Detroit would be a paradise… What a idiot.

          • EZ2isamoron

            Hey EZ Moron! They have a house waiting for you in Cuba! Adios pendejo!

          • mimi

            It’ll be interesting to see any tangible responses from a repub tea party. Bet there’ll be nothing but name calling and insults – they have no reasonable, acceptable discussion to your many points. Good job!

          • EZ2figure

            Thanks, mimi. At least one person out there isn’t brainwashed! The Tea Party thrives on the lies they promote, after statistics prove them wrong, time and again! Republicans are the promoters of the “Zombie Lies”, that, after being renounced, and disproven statistically, as folly, repeatedly return again and again, refusing to die, because Republicans have no morals, and would rather lie than to accept they are stupid……

          • mimi

            Can’t say the republicans are stupid, they certainly put together a script that attracts mobs. That’s how hitler and his party won the german populace. Have to credit the hundreds of dot orgs the Koch Bros, et al (too many to list) fund to attract the brightest to their marketing and legal departments that come up with “welfare queen, socialist” and the many catch phrases that are nothing but empty words. They’ve moved off the union stream – middle class – for a while and coming down hard on “hard working people supporting the lazy/shiftless,” putting aside voter rights and women’s repro rights. They’re not happy with Sen. Elizabeth Warren getting TV time, a moving target. Generally, the republicans are morally bankrupt and create chaos to keep their voters in a constant state of aggravation – keeps them dithering to/fro. Issa is the typical repub teaparty, forever moving and going backwards. With all his hearings, nothing was found, not one little shred. Graham, another photo-op; and McCain, please – his military record is his embarrassment! The republican way.
            You do present a fair and balanced picture of today, copied them all, it’ll save me a hunk of time (that’s ok?). I didn’t read anger, just assertiveness – once had a teacher like that and we did learn a lot.

          • EZ2figure

            Haha! I didn’t mean to call Republicans stupid, just ill-informed and ignorant.^^ They refuse to use real statistics and facts, preferring those wordsmithed slogans that support their anti-worker bigotry, anti-Immigrant, and anti-non-white stances, while promoting a continuation of backwards movements that drag us back to the same cesspool of problems we resolved after the Great Depression, by raising taxes up to 90% on the wealthy, where poor and rich citizens all prospered, benefitting from the American Dream!
            Republicans may study history, but I find it amusing how little they have learned about programs they promoted that actually helped Americans, while now. because of their own hypocrisy, find themselves opposing those very same ideals!

          • jeeeez

            shut up!

          • Marky P

            Get an education! Everyone has the same minimum opportunity to obtain higher education through the military, loans, grants, scholarships or god forbid the family. Obtain a skill, not a RAP song dream or a country story. Hard work and determination with accepting responsibility for who, what and where you are and plan for the future.

          • Kevin Bacon

            so goes; …all good plans, of Mice and Men… ?Hit the Lottery !!?

          • Robert Wynn

            marky im a vietnam veteran with a college degree.I worked 2 jobs thru college to getToday the liberals want to get it free and get it from the hard workers who earned it so they can have it also.I earned mine not by sitting on my backside like a proud social liberal.

          • EZ2figure

            Apparently you convinced someone who hired you, in a company Mitt Romney did not ship overseas, Robert Wynn! Just because you “did it” doesn’t mean it is possible for all people to have it as good as you, no matter how hard they toil at their jobs! SH&* happens! Jobs are lost! Cars break down! People have disabilities! Jobs get washed away in a tidal wave, a tornado, or storm surge!. Should we just ignore those folks, calling them failures, and lazy, when no jobs exist for them, because they have no way to get to the jobs, while some Republican shuts down the George Washington bridge to spite a Democrat, who refused to endorse Christy for Governor?? Get real!

          • EZ2figure

            Tell those displaced workers, who had factories sold out from under them, after working there for decades, awaiting their pensions, because Republican Mitt Romney decided he deserved a better future than them, that if they had only studied harder, they wouldn’t be out of work! Tell them they were stupid for being proud of the company they helped build, and had loyalties for!
            You think everyone really has the same educational and job opportunities, whether we come from a huge city, or a small town, or from rich, or poor roots? Or do you just say crap to make yourself sound intelligent to yourself? Leave it for Republicans to blame everyone else for what they have promoted in a Dribble down Theory! It was always a “Zombie Lie!” and you still refuse to learn how it has ruined the American Dream, traded away to the rich, while 76% of Americans can’t cover their bills! Should we blame three, out of every four, Americans for having low paid jobs, while industries refuse to pay them living wages, while the same businesses could afford to?
            Fire the Republicans, and let us find ways of having those, who have great wealth, help to pay the national deficit bills that Republicans ran up, to rebuild our infrastructure and assist our working class Americans to find living wage jobs, and the ability to pay taxes, too! No one wants a free ride. But Republicans seek to convince us that people that are in poverty (76% of all of us) are somehow deficient, or untrained, or maybe they are just ugly, or black, or brown, or yellow, or rainbow colored, or must be Democrats, or have an accent, or do not deserve to share in the American dream because they oppose all of the wealth going to the top one per cent?
            Fire the Republicans! They will say anything, but provide no solutions that actually work, so they cast doubt and stop others from doing what should be done, so Republicans can have someone to blame for their bubble of lies! Blame the Democrats for what the Republicans refuse to allow them to do, promoting living wages?
            Do you really think Jesus thinks Republicans are sharing their loaf of bread and that Republicans are a good Samaritan, when they oppose protecting young infants from temporary shelter, while we find out how to get them back to their nations of origin? Or do you really think Jesus is standing with you on the border, calling these lost waifs names, demeaning them, and telling them to go away and die on someone else’s doorstep?

          • EZ2figure

            Students cannot get a college loan without collateral! The banks refuse to lend it to the poor! You can’t join the service if you have a criminal record, because you were arrested for being black! How do you obtain a skill if your Red State Governor refuses to invest in city infrastructure replenishment that promotes new job creation? Tell me why, Marky P,, we should think you have a clue about real life?

          • GEagle1

            “Students cannot get a college loan without collateral!”
            Banks are not charities, they are in business to make money. Lending money to individuals without any way of collecting if they default would be a very poor business decision.

            “The banks refuse to lend it to the poor!”
            Again, lending money to someone who cannot repay the loan would be a poor business decision.

            “You can’t join the service if you have a criminal record, because you were arrested for being black!”
            You don’t get a criminal record for being arrested. You get a criminal record for being convicted of a crime. Twelve of your peers must be certain that you committed the crime in order to be convicted.

            “How do you obtain a skill if your Red State Governor refuses to invest in city infrastructure replenishment that promotes new job creation?”
            You go to school, or learn a trade and spend several years mastering it. Unfortunately, cultivating a skill takes time and effort, it can’t be handed to you through some government program.

          • EZ2figure

            Actually, the government does provide for training in various fields, including Fire Control Systems Maintenance, which I spent a year learning in Fort Bliss Texas, as well as Linguistics, to craft the skills an interpreter needs, to warfare, to secretarial skills, and many more, all trained on our tax dollars! Why do you parse where the money comes from, and whether it is for military purposes, or just for the well;-being of “the people”, unless they are black?
            Actually, the U.S. would be better off nationalizing our banks, since they are complicit in tanking our economy!
            You say banks lend money, but not to all people. .What is your point? I explained that not all people can get a loan. And you mumbo jumbo a response that makes no sense!
            When blacks are arrested 10 times as often as whites, while doing the same amount of illegal drugs, it would seem your rant response ignores this fact. Just because a person is convicted of a victimless crime should not block him from joining the service, but it does today, especially if he is black! This tilts the fairness table 90% to the white! Why should blacks be targeted 90 times more often? Why should they get convicted more often? Is it because they cannot afford a real attorney? I would say that is probably the case, based upon their economic reality, in inner cities that were harvested by the Mitt Romneys long ago!
            How do students pay their way through school, when there aren’t jobs available to them, except at Fast Food chains, where the average age of the minimum wage earners is 28 years old?
            None of your responses hold water so far. Want to try again?

          • EZ2figure

            Tea Party brainwashees can’t seem to wake up and look at the statistics that prove that better wages create better demand for goods and products, while taxes are necessary to keep our infrastructure in the best shape possible. It’s like Republicans have been taken over by brain zombies, where no matter what the statistics say, you refuse to blame the failed “Dribble Down Republican Plan”, while endorsing more of the same, shifting the blame on the poor, or to the blacks, or immigrants, who wouldn’t be poor if corporations would pay them living wages! Supported by the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Pope, televangelists, THE FAMILY, and the Waltons, who refuse to raise wages, while shifting Trillions of un-taxed American Dollars off-shore, doing nothing for our economy here, are your masters that require you to lie for them just to keep your sick party of warhawks, bigots, and white supremists in power, while you attack the rights of women to have access to medical treatment, instead of just living your own lives the way you want! Instead, Republicans don’t like freedom of choice! Republicans will do anything for the losers that fund them, as puppets extraordinaire. Blaming poor families that require support by putting them on the streets only drives up crime, and costs more than the money the government spends on them, which actually helps our economy, not hurting it! Republicans live in a bubble of lies, and placing their fingers in their ears, they refuse the facts! John Boehner, refusing to allow bills already passed in the Senate by both parties, to be voted on in the House of no representation, has stopped our government cold, and then they blame that on President Obama, in hopes that by election day, their lies will have convinced enough people to vote for Republicans, or Republicans will have changed the voting rules, blocking access of Democrats from voting with Jim Crow voting legislation!
            Fire the Republicans!

          • Zoey23

            Are you kidding? You make no sense! You babble on until my brain goes numb. I can tell you’re a liberal without you having to say it! Go out and get a job, pay for your cell phone, your food and your medical insurance and then you’ll find yourself too busy to worry about who is really driving up the crime. (Which is by the way, those idiots sitting around collecting the free handouts that we hard working Americans are paying for with our taxes) you want freedom of choice? You better get on the Republican side while you still can, before the Liberals take that choice away from you along with your 16oz. Coke.

          • EZ2figure

            According to you, no one out of work should have benefits! If they are black, living in Detroit, where Republican Governors have allowed carpetbaggers to purchase, then ship Maytag, and many other factories to slave labor China, while removing the jobs our Americans depended upon, while these same Republican leaders refused to fund seed money and replacement industries and corporations to replace those that their cronies just sold off, and somehow it is the fault of the Democrats in Detroit for the failure of the city!
            Why do you lie to yourself? Why do you blame the Americans, who worked for forty years, toward a pension, whose company was sold out from under them? You, my friend are sick! You ignore reality, and then blame the guy you just misplaced, while your party is the breeding ground of these greedy sociopaths, who rely upon your puppetry to protect them from safety regulations, from anti-monopolistic goals, from fair taxation, subsidizing them to the tunes of billions, while the money provided to the poor is what really brings in more profits than the money given to corporations, who hide their profits in the Cayman Islands, like Mitt Romney, your choice for President does! Fire the Republicans!

          • mimi

            EZ2figure: You said it very well. Kudos! Change causes discomfort for a little while, which is what we’re up against with these repub teaparty folks. But once they do a little checking on what they’re told, they go for more. EZ, you’re really on top of it all. Thanks.

          • Jon Boy

            Is it possible that high union wages and work rules had a tiny little bit to do with the jobs going over seas?

          • EZ2figure

            Is it possible that Mitt Romney no longer feels American enough to keep the jobs and factories here, opting for wealth accrual, while disrupting the earning patterns of all of the workers he displaces, just so he can also raid the pension funds?
            No one made Mitt go to China to enlist slave labor, but yes, it was an option open, that drew him away from assisting American workers, while he chose the path of wealth accrual, like a heartless greedy sociopath! Then he shipped the factories overseas, adding to the competition for workers across America. Of course, you may think it is a great idea to make American workers compete with 25 cent an hour earners in Communist China, that will certainly lead to what we are experiencing today, with 76% of all American workers, forced to work at, or below, poverty level wages, just to compete with the slaves, but it seems it would have been much wiser to keep the jobs here, raise the tariffs that Republicans oppose raising, because it might limit the campaign financing they get from Mitt and his followers, like AT&T, GE, Monsanto, Dell, Maytag, and on and on and on, making China richer, while our debt grows because the wages our workers make cannot pay enough in taxes to pay our bills or pay down our deficits, while the rich whine about not enough profits, while never attending to the Infrastructure needs of this nation!
            What do you propose as a solution? Lower taxes even more? Remove regulations that make American industries compete on a level playing field with each other? Blame Obama for what the Republicans, in the Boehner House of no Representatives, refuse to do when a bill from the Senate passed, that would have removed the tax breaks for corporations that send American jobs overseas, while the same bill would have rewarded all corporations that would bring the work back to this nation, and Boehner refused to even put it up for a vote?
            What good is representative government , when Republicans refuse to do anything unless they are in the White House, where they open even more floodgates for the wealthy, that still never results in profits dribbling down to average Americans?
            What good is having 93% of al Americans for gun background checks, when the NRA can buy off, and intimidate, the elected representatives, keeping them from doing what the Americans want, while this rightward leaning Fascist Supreme Court gives personhood to corporations, and announces corporations can force their religious restrictions on their workers, even if from a different religion, in a nation where church and state are supposed to be divided, and all men are created equal, unless you are a woman, who isn’t because she has babies??
            In response to your question, “No! High wages for workers created more buying power and more demand for products in this nation!” Now, in order to compete, because the anti-government folks hate the idea of governance, unless they are the dictators, our workers wages do not provide the buying power, or the saving power, and we are a nation of debtors, and our corporations do not make up the difference in taxes, all because greed has become the new Religion of the righties, for as long as the Koch Brothers will shower them with the campaign finances, and the televangelists will promote a Christian Nation, so long as Republicans toe the religious line that smears our Constitution into the dirt? Fire the Republicans! It is the only solution I can see that will remove the burden upon this nation, allowing us to enter into the 21st Century, while reducing our fossil fuel addiction, and our attacks upon nature with a population that exceeds what the water and food can provide for, for humans and our wild friends, as well!
            Or, is this too deep for you to respond with solutions, instead of just casting doubt on anyone refusing to be a clone, like you?

          • Richard Frank

            EZ .. did you go to school? Because the liberal bullsh** sprouting from your keyboard is an abomination to working class people, the Consumer is the one who makes or breaks our society not republicans or democrates, not poor or rich just the Dumb people like you that find fault for people making money, if all the people in the United States would stop buying goods from companies that shipped jobs overseas for the sake of profit, maybe they would not exist. But you sit there typing your words of slander and filth like a good little Sheepeople thinking that Taxing the Rich will make a difference.

          • EZ2figure

            Your moronic attacks on those of us who actually study the political landscape and not hide our heads in FOX rhetoric, or get paid by the Koch Brother’ Foundations for bashing those of us who do doesn’t make you a scholar. It makes you a shill! You offer no solutions, just the ones that weaken the fabric of our nation! You blame the poor for not being incentivized, while your party refuses to promote our Infrastructure repairs that could put them back to work beautifying America! That doesn’t make you a scholar. It makes you a tyrant! Good day! Jesus said we should treat our neighbors as we would be treated ourselves. Jesus taught us to share one half of what we have for those in need. You, sir, are not jesus-like, and certainly not a Samaritan! You spread hate, criticize me for having an opinion, backed up by the facts I find enlightening, that expose your stupidity. You hide behind a façade of irrational thought patterns. You blame those out of work for not having a job. Have you ever been out of work? Have you ever been out of work for a year in construction because Republicans crashed our economy and building jobs went away? Or do you just have a job that hasn’t affected your income by the great recession we are digging out from, while you blame everyone else for what your Republican Party did to the 76% of all Americans who work at, or below, poverty wages? You really can’t be believable supporting the aspirations of the one per centers, who make their money investing, controlling politicians with campaign finances, and not working at all, while those of us who do manual labor pay more in taxes on the work done! Is that fair and reasonable that those with money should get better tax breaks than those who actually teach our children, build our homes, or collect our trash? Or do you just enjoy tormenting those who aren’t as lucky and privileged as you, in order to convince your ego how important you are? Are you white? Are you pretty? Do you speak English only, because you are too lazy to understand anyone but bigots? Some things to think about , my friend. Maybe you are the reason this nation is divided! Fire the Republicans! The Dribble Down Theory you grasp to is a “zombie lie”, yet you blame the strife in our nation on the poor, and the weak, the blind, the sick, and the old, and those out of work, while you support those who hide trillions of un-taxed American dollars in the Cayman Islands and think it’s cool to be rich, watching the poor serve your every need, while you call them lazy and good for nothing, or immigrants, not worth your precious time? Maybe you need to ask yourself if you are setting a good example, while your carpetbaggers drill in our national parks, and you cheer them on, never caring about the needs of future generations who might need a little oil, but you promoted fracking it all up for the 270 oil companies in North Dakota that are not even owned by Americans, getting subsidies from our government that they shower the Republican Party with, in campaign finances, in return for unlimited fracking contracts in the small towns your party has bought elections in because the rightie supreme court has made corporations people! Did you know 80% of the last five hundred year supply of natural gas in the world is burned off at the wellheads of the fracking operations, wasting four hundred years worth, just to make sure it doesn’t reduce the value of the filthy crude you bring up by wasting millions of gallons of drinking water per well, missing in massive doses of salt and dangerous chemicals, convinced they will never leach into the landscape, or not caring if you do? Do you ever think that future generations might want to barbecue on a gas grill one hundred years from now? Or do you even care about the future of this nation at all, as lo9ng as you get yours today? You call me a liberal. I am a flaming Progressive! I think our world is overpopulated, filled with religious hateful people, like you, and wish we could just learn to get along, but people like you populate these blogs, casting aspersions upon those of us who espouse a worldly attitude, looking down yhour nose at those of us who have actual solutions to the problems your party has created, in your puppethood to the wealth that too few have access to because you have your republican fingers on the scales of justice and one the scales of wages, opposing worker representation, and call yourself the intelligent one? I’m not buying your story, and I doubt anyone else does either, unless they live by FOX News, where facts never enter into the picture. FOX News, where all things are Obama’s fault! Fox snooze, where they cheer on a lawsuit against our first black President who dares to do some of the things your Republcans Party refuses to do in the House of John Boehner’s House of representatives, where the Immigration Bill crafted by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, sits and John Boehner spends his time planning on suing the President instead of fixing the things that Republicans want to blame on this President! Will lowering taxes, the Republican mantra, reduce our national debt? Will opposing minimum wage increases, and lower taxes for the wealthy, put more money into the bill-paying part of our government, while Republicans, in control of the House, responsible for the appropriation of taxes with which to pay down our debt, refuse to do their jobs and raise taxes on the only segment of society who can afford to pay them? Stop blaming Democrats for your folly!

          • GEagle1

            You have a lot of anger issues. Hopefully your ACA plan covers

          • EZ2figure

            I am not the one needing counseling, as I provide solutions, while you, GEagle1,are too lazy to do anything but smear anyone opposing the goal of the one per centers. What does that make you? Slinging one-liners somehow make you feel important? You make me sick!. You have no compassion except for wealth, for yourself, and nothing else! Apparently, you feel the need to use this blog as a forum for your inane commentary, which exposes to everyone reading it what you are made of……a Republican drone from the bowels of a think-tank somewhere, supported by the Koch Brothers!

          • GEagle1

            Anger is counter-productive. Breathe deeply and count to ten. No charge for the advice.

          • EZ2figure

            After deep breathing, you are still here denouncing free speech, as you abort anything you disagree with, whether it has merit, or not! It’s not my fault you believe in the fairy tales the Republicans spin, while behind closed doors, in hideaways, reserved by your King and Queen Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan and John Boehner go to get their marching orders….

          • GEagle1

            On the contrary, I’m a big fan of free speech. I haven’t denounced a single thing you typed or your right to type it. I simply pointed out that your anger is getting in the way of your ability to think clearly which is manifesting itself in your scatterbrained rants.

          • EZ2figure

            IF I am putting out scatterbrained rants, then why don’t you see fit to correct what I have incorrectly posted, instead of assassinating my character? Are you really that lazy? Or do you live by your lies, no matter what?

          • Jon Boy

            My, my…you do rant well. Must have a lot of practice.

            Do you shop WalMart? Do you look for “made in USA” and pay the higher price when you find it? If you see a loaf of bread for $3 and an identical loaf marked “union made” for $4, which do you buy? When you hire a plumber do you pick the guy that charges $100 and hour or the guy that charges $125 when they are equally qualified When you have a business and are reviewing two equally qualified job applicants do you select the one that will work for the $15/hr you are offering, or the one that demands $20.

            It’s called “put your money where your mouth is”.

            Tell me which country you would rather live in. I’ll send you a one way ticket. I hear North Korea has income equality, want to try for that?

          • EZ2figure

            If we had living wage legislation, creating a level playing field for all American Businesses, along with trade guidelines that attached tariffs to keep our products made here viable, then allowing corporations to go for the cheapest employees would be applauded, and the millions in parachute funds and managerial bonuses could be justified. Until then, what you propose is a “race to the bottom”, with us having to compete with slaves in Romney Enterprise Zone slave laborers in Communist China and elsewhere, while the parachutes and the bonuses go to the top one per centers, while the rest of the population is enslaved. Is that what you really think we should do in America? Race to the bottom?
            Look at Texas! Texas Companies, by Texas law, do not have to provide one worker with healthcare benefits! They have a low minimum wage, and low state taxes, drawing corporations all over our nation to migrate to Texas, in a race to the bottom scenario! Is this the type of competition you prefer? Without a living wage resolution, and worker representation, there is no chance for workers in Texas to ever get paid what they deserve, since there is no oversight on greed!
            Isn’t it time we pass laws to give every citizen and worker access to living wage jobs? If we all made more, we could demand more in goods and services, increasing needs for corporate goods, while corporations playing on a level playing field, would not have to race to the cheapest state that dishonors the workers by stealing their pension funds and healthcare provisions! Blaming workers for expecting the pensions they toiled for decades to get, under contract, is eerily like Republicans, blaming Obama for all of the travesties that John Boehner refuses to resolve by political legislation, while they plan on suing him if he takes action!
            Why can’t anyone look at statistics and see that higher wages creates better living conditions for workers and businesses alike! Your solution is to “Love it or leave it!”, while some, like me, would prefer we fix it, something Republicans refuse to do. They tried to repeal Obamacare for four years, instead of fixing it with legislation! Why blame problems with ObamaCare when Republicans are the representatives with the solutions they refuse to send to the floor for a vote? If Boehner would take the Senate Immigration Law to the floor of the House, it would pass, by both sides of the aisle! Don’t blame Democrats for being ignored in the House, when Republicans control the majority, and 221 out of 224 of Republican Representatives voted to shut down our government, rather than fixing ObamaCare! Democrats didn’t waste 23 Billion dollars in a national shutdown….Republicans did! Then Republicans want to cut Food Stamps for starving children by 23 Billion dollars and more, to cover the cost of what Republicans wasted of our economy! Fire the Republicans!

          • Jon Boy

            Yes, republicans are so boring and out of date. All they think of is stay in school, get married before having kids, stay married, work hard, develop your job skills, work your way up, be responsible for your own actions, don’t blame others. Why in the world would anyone think that’s a good way to live? I bet if those tens of thousands coming into this country illegally knew they actually had to work at the (gasp) minimum wage they would go on strike and stay home.

          • EZ2figure

            Yes, Republicans are so boring and out of date!

          • EZ2figure

            Actually, I refuse to do business with Wal-Mart, and Romney’s Toys-R-Us, Staples, Burlington Coat Factory, Dunkin’ Donuts, BestBuy, Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, and Romney’s Bugger King restaurants! I actually buy local made produce from local farmer’s markets, and try to use businesses that keep money in the local economy, not shifting funds to the Cayman Islands. like WalMart does! How about you? Do you always go for the cheapest price, no matter if slaves had to make the products that you prefer? Terll me who does more for the local economies: The local mom and pop stores,. or the multi-national market chains? Maybe you should think about what your purchases do for the jobs fellow Americans have access to, with your penny pinching, giving to the slavers, ignoring the fact that workers at WalMart get subsidized with your state taxes, because they fall into poverty status! Maybe Republicans are just badly informed citizens, following Australian FOX Entertainment NEWS lie hawkers, ignoring the facts like a duck sheds water in the rain! Next, more “Zombie Lies” from the right…….

          • Jon Boy

            Good for you. At least you walk the walk and not just talk the talk. If there were more like you the socialist agenda would have some credibility.

          • EZ2figure

            Thanks for that. I try to stand behind what I believe is reality, is all.

          • GEagle1

            “According to you, no one out of work should have benefits!”

            The very fact that there is a “benefit” for being out of work speaks volumes.

          • mimi

            Zoey: Your post is nothing more than mythical rhetoric drummed up by the ALEC marketing department. Sorry you can’t think for yourself, but you are able to find factual info if you just try a little bit and if you really want to know for yourself. Try it. We accept ‘used to be’ often and they’re really sorry for not seeing facts sooner.

          • Thenji Maynard

            Real talk. No lies here.

          • jerry

            i think you are just the dumbest Dummicrat i ever herd from born stupid will die stupid , that’s the truth Dummicrat!

          • EZ2figure

            Liberals believe in a nation where we should have a level playing field at making it to the Middle Class! Cutting unemployment insurance, or blaming a man, out of work, and calling him lazy while Mitt Romney just sold his company to his Bain Partners in Communist China isn’t something to be proud of, Republicans! You just prove what liberals proclaim, that Republicans are bigots!

          • Meggie

            you’d rather give one hundred times as much in subsidies and tax loopholes to corporations. You are being played for a FOOL.

          • Robert Wynn

            thats right fool then they have money to hire more people.First we have to get rid of these stupid liberals so we can correct all of obamas bullshit.November comeing liberals are going.

        • bibol

          I am a Tea Party member. The government has been printing money and the so called 1 per cent are making money over it. It is not their fault the Obama is helping the government make their money. I owned a house until a company in secret with my city. Had an secret that made me sell my home. I employed several men that do my work on the house. Painting, carpet and repairs. At the time every time I employed them. They were paid as much as I made while working.

        • Paul Dragotto

          the tea party are the ones fighting the union boss’s that take your hard earned money and steal it from you. if you don’t join the union you don’t have a job. you don’t strike you loose your job . so BVR your talking out your dumb uneducated ass.the people who work at the markets in the unions get paid about $19.50+ an hour. you call that dirt. you moron.

          • dirtysecret

            Both parties are financially beholden to industry and big money. Big money serves itself. Both parties sell you on a sales pitch designed to exploit your most closely held (biologically driven) talking points and your own brand of fairness. IMO the two party system has failed us and is officially to big to fail…so buckle up. We are going to continue down the tracks that have been laid. Globalization is inevitable due to the possibilities created by the internet and high speed data sharing. I see little difference between the heated opponents of political debates. The same hyperbolic anger spews from each side and nothing seems to sway the big money because they are able to buy both sides simultaneously. Enjoy.

      • NOTAsleepEyesWideOpen

        Jeffro – Thanks for making me smile today. bwahahaha….
        Nicely done!

    • Pamala Vela

      I get the same on my Credit Union checking account out here in California, plus 4.5% on my savings with no fees. But then again I also have a state of the art hospital that has been deemed one of the best in the world, not far from my home. Add to that the 3000sq ft house on a half an acre (for those of you who don’t know – they CRAM the teeny houses together in NZ) and hey – I’m living the life.
      I’ve been to New Zealand, and while it’s a GREAT place to visit – it’s still part of England with very high taxes – and very big bugs.

      • Shane Clark

        Seriously, you live in California and you are talking about someone else having high taxes? Pot meet kettle. And if you have a 3000 sq. ft house on a half acre in CA then it had to have cost you about $6 million, unless it is in the ghetto. California is becoming nothing more than a communist wasteland. All your major corporations there are coming here to Texas where they can actually afford to do business, bringing all the jobs with them.

        • Mark G. Palmer

          I have a 3217 sq. ft home, on 5 acres, that cost me 565K, I have never met a communist, but I have met a lot of dumbasses from Texas! A communist wasteland, what an idiot!!!!!!!!!

          • tang_go

            Why don’t you also state that you live in the valley/foothills in the san joaquin valley and up?…..You know you are nowhere near a major city. He got his pt across no matter how inaccurate he was.

            Just another redundant, typical white, liberal, californian.

          • big al

            tang, outside of Austin, Texas is a typical conservative ghetto where common sense is denied. Nice to know you can carry your gun into a bar or church…

          • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

            Yes, and that’s why the bad guys don’t commit crimes near us.

          • OC

            Are you KIDDING?

          • Debra Robinson

            No because everyone does it.

          • ray

            half the crime in gated communities or upscale neighborhoods don’t get reported!

          • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

            Because homeowners are too busy burying the bodies of the thieves they’ve shot

          • peacock

            You need an gun in The States, you can not trust anybody! Freedom? An joke! Criminal? An heaven!

          • Debra Robinson

            Wait, Georgia’s not the only ‘gun everywhere ‘, conservative ghetto lack of common sense state?

          • jeeeez

            Yeah, love carrying my gun, you idiot!

          • Camille

            Inaccurate measures only bring inaccurate answers! There is no other way to spin your statement.

          • tang_go

            you were smoking that day weren’t you?

          • OC

            Who wants to live in a major city?? Only New Yorkers.

          • OC

            Texans often have nice homes and good schools, but it’s a Fascist Hellhole – a haven for Mobsters, Neo-Confederates, Human Traffickers – other Organized Crimminals — and that’s just the ones in uniform and on public payrolls.

          • JIM F (An Old Soldier)

            I can’t speak for the other 49 governors, but we in Texas surely have the dumbest buffoon around! Almost felt sorry for him during the 2012 debates.

          • Gary Seven

            Brought to you by the liberal democrats who left the borders open and did not uphold the law like they were sworn to do. Pull out the splinter in your own Fascist socialist eye before you point a finger at other people there is always 3 fingers point back at you.

            NY & CA are worse hell holes

          • Cream on Top

            Sorry Gary that would be our good ole boy GW Bish. He had a plan to fix immigration and the Congress…even his GOP buddies wouldn’t go along with it. Check your facts before you blow your hole.

          • Gary Seven

            Oh yeah and when GW compromises he gets blamed. No answer will make the jelaous envious greedy covetous democarts happy.

          • rigobertosanchez

            How true. And midgets are just Texans with the bull$hit let out of them>

          • tang_go

            Less neo confederates the same can very easily be said of California

          • JIM F (An Old Soldier)

            Yeah, that was pretty dumb comment by S. Clark. Didn’t even know anybody even said that anymore! I must say though, you either bought your house in 1942 or don’t live along the coastal strip.

        • Srinivasan

          In addition you have to pay annual taxes exorbitantly in California , consider putting the value of the house in a Bank and live in a rented accommodation for a brief time and come to India where you can find peaceful climate than anywhere in the World.

          • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

            Plus, free gang rapes of all your women,eh Rajneesh?

          • OC

            Everyone defacates in the street because 70% don’t have toilets.

        • big al

          Shane, your ignorance is showing. As for the corporations going there, that is only temporary until another state offers them a better deal….by the way, As for communism, I think you better go back to your Texas schools and learn about political systems.

          • DG Clark

            Communism isn’t a political system; it’s an economic system.

          • joerudnicki

            Shane, Your governor is looking to settle in California following his retirement that’s coming soon. Joe

          • Burnerman

            LOL What Texas schools ? they are rated the Worst in the nation and produce the most under achievers of anywhere.

          • Kevin Straus

            Not sure about this statement, I was forced to relocate to GA in order to take care of my parents who were up in age. As long as I have been here this cesspool has been listed as the worse in schools

        • Slick Willy

          The only reason companies can afford to do business there in Texas is because the majority of the work force are illegal and the americans there might as well consider themselves Mexicans and be ashamed of themselves for being bi-lingual. Move to Mexico if that’s what you want to be

          • kingwarren

            Slick Wiilie, there are illegals all over the place. The advantage of the illegal is most them are working off the books. That means they don.t pay taxes. They also get benefits paid by taxpayers. That doesn’t happen in the country of origin.

          • Steve Bernal

            You ignorant son of a bitch slick willy, Mexicans and mexican americans are becoming the majority so get with the program its been a common occurance for minorites to stake a hold in what is a fundamentally free country you have a black presedent for god sakes so get over your ignorant state of mind and see thigs for what they really are not every thing has to do with race.

        • joerudnicki

          Shane Clark from Texas: I live 1 mi from the Ocean on the Central Coast north of Monterey in a beautiful 3,200 sq. ft. home. The property is 3+ acres, and it cost under $1M; currently valued at slightly above $1M. Maybe you watch too many false advertisements, and then take them seriously. Your cost analysis is way off the mark, and you grossly overstate the movement of corporations to Texas from California. I was in Texas during a portion of my military service. With all your free wielding gun happy cowboys I found being in Libya safer, and I’ll take the beauty and healthy environment of California over Texas any day.

          • CANDU

            DITTO….I too served and retired from the military with time spent in Texas. I think Texas corporation moment in the sun has come and gone. And the the whole gun toting thing really sucks dry dirt.

          • othrpplz

            I don;’t live anywhere near Texas, but I do have a sister in Calif. who retired last year and had to get a second job to pay off tax debt before she can pull up stakes and head to the hinterlands where she can enjoy her retirement. We like our guns here too, but we don’t live in fear of being gunned down like we would if we were to travel to Calif. or Chicago.

          • joerudnicki

            Best wishes to your sister in retirement. Your safety is #1 and I’m pleased to hear you feel safer in Texas, though you say you don’t live anywhere near Texas. The homicide rate in Texas from guns is among the highest in the country. There’s a high correlation between the “ease of gun carry laws” and the homicide rates between the various States, but facts aren’t always related to the feeling, or lack thereof, of feeling safer.

          • Kevin Straus

            The statement “There’s a high correlation between the “ease of gun carry laws” and the homicide rates between the various States” is in fact wrong as many studies have shown. That being said I find most people from the “LEFT” coast unwilling to face facts.

          • joerudnicki

            Kenvin, Sorry to hear you perceive that most of us from the “LEFT” coast are unwilling to face facts. I’m interested to know of these “…many studies have shown.” that you cite. The studies from the Control of Prevention of Disease and other reputable institutions seem to suggest the opposite. Let me cite just two, and then we can exchange a legitimate dialog related to the facts that I’ll attempt to face willingly. I think I can do that though I’m on the “LEFT” coast. Can you?

            Strongest Above/Below Weakest Above/Below
            Gun Laws Nat’l Homicide Gun Laws Nat’l Homicide

            CA Below AZ Above
            NJ ” ID ”
            MA ” VT BELOW
            Hawaii ” MS Above
            CN ” KY ”

            Each of the 5 states with the strongest gun laws demonstrates below average rates of death by gun, each of the weakest gun law states, except for Vermont, have above average homicide and gun deaths.

            Let’s take a quick and brief international look:

            Homicide and Suicide rates by gun per 100,000 people.
            Homicide Suicide
            USA 3.68 5.92
            Italy .81 1.1
            Switz .50 5.8
            Canada .4 2.0
            France .21 3.4
            Scots .06 .2
            Japan .02 .04

            If you desire we can review each of these country’s gun laws, but I think you’re probably well aware that the US is liberal with our guns and Japan isn’t. Our homicide rate is more than 4 times that of Italy our closest “competitor”. Our homicide rate is 184 times that of Japan.

            Please provide some legitimate “facts” that we on “LEFT” coast shun.

          • truthful

            truthful agin your stats are flawed.they don’t take into account that the top five states are either boder states or close to them,with Vermont being the exception.europe and japan are not American they don’t live like or think like us . in the united sttes we have the right to carry guns if you dont like it go live in Italy nor japan

          • joerudnicki

            Kenvin, OK, if they are flawed show me some legitimate research that doesn’t support the correlation. What’s with the go to Italy or Japan? Is that your solution to the expression of ideas? Huh, sort of reminds me of the days when I was discharged from the USAF in 1970 after 4 yrs during the Vietnam era. I was among a large number of us who hated that stupid bumper sticker, “America Love it or Leave it”. We were asking ourselves when we came back, “What’s that about? Isn’t that what we were fighting for?” (A free expression of ideas). Cheers, Joe

          • Patrick

            “europe and japan are not American they don’t live like or think like us ” Yes them there foreigners is so foreign they don’t thinks like humans! They is different aliens! Right on brother! Keep us Muh-ricans Muh-rican!

          • Samuel

            How about the fact that one ethnic group constituting at most 14% of the population commits over 50% of the violent crime in the USA?. Of the babies born to that ethnic group, over 70% are born out of wedlock .What percentage of the total population does that one ethnic group constitute in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France, or Scotland? I am ready for hateful replies from the left to the questions posed.

          • joerudnicki

            Samuel, And…what other questions to change the subject? I’m not continuing to chase this. It’s silly. Joe

          • JDean3123
          • joerudnicki

            JDean, I scanned it, and will dig deeper later. Your first two references appear to be good ones, but I don’t know about “Gun Facts”, and I’ll dig a bit later. Thank-you. Joe

          • elmer

            you’ll never know unless you conduct the experiment yourself. You can’t account for the people that are living in another country unless your there going door to door yourself. I’m so serious.

          • JDean3123

            Hi Joe, Let’s share some facts about guns. Homicide by firearm rate per 100,000 people. The USA has one of the safest rates in the world. If Chicago, L.A., Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. homicide statistics were to be removed from the U.S. total. The United States would be in the top five safest countries in the world.

          • elmer

            The media controls our perception of violence and want us to think that violence is only coming from certain states… WRONG!! I spend most of my time traveling doing different projects in different cities and states, from my experience there is violence everywhere!! I mean everywhere!! to much violence to keep a track of.

          • joerudnicki

            Sorry the “chart” got messed up as the program edited it, but the explanation will get you through the “garbled chart”

          • tang_go

            so what do you have to say about chicago’s gun laws and homicide rates

          • tired america

            oh my healthy you say You Say because as you come from the east into California, for your personal pleasure please sir take the drive east into the mountains say Donner pass or any where you can actually see from and look back at said healthy environment. think then what is that cloud of smog or what ever it is that covers all of the valley below you the burning eys and throat as you drive your way home .

          • tang_go

            then you don’t live on the central coast then

            one mile inland and north of monterey

            I had it all along

        • Camille

          Yes and I am sure two thirds of those jobs will move to the Mexico or overseas!

        • OC

          CA’s economy has rebounded to where it was before the Great Recession, That was in the LATimes Saturday. Some counties have a 5% unemployment rate.

          • Rupert

            Don’t believe everything you read in the news. The media does not give out the truth anymore. Are you crazy or in love with California-the Liberal State.

          • joerudnicki

            Rupert, My research methods are sound. I use the media appropriately, and I never use the “news” for objective research, though “news” may be the stimulus to begin research. No, I’m not “crazy” and yes I am “in love with California”, and the U.S. If I preferred another State or country I’d move there. I believe you’re out-of-California, so I assume you prefer that. I respect that. I believe you should enjoy where you are. I leave you with the judgement about California’s classification as liberal or not. Joe

          • James

            CA is Billions in debt. Out of water, crumbling infrastructure, highest taxes in the nation and businesses are fleeing. Thanks to Moon beam Guv Jerry Brown & the Democrats that have ruled for 40 years. Also no jobs.

          • joerudnicki

            Interesting…just as with President Clinton who brought the U.S. budget in balance…”Moonbeam”, as you reference Gov. Brown, with the supermajority Democrat legislature, has brought the State budget into balance, created a “rainy day fund”, a reserve, and developed a plan to bring the pension deficits in balance too. In contrast, Schwartzenegger (whom I rooted for 100%) brought about reduced auto registration fees, which almost no one was complaining about, and had a budget at the end of that year overspent by about the same as his great fee reduction victory. The auto fee reduction put us on the trail to some horrid budget years, and reduced school expenditures. Our budgets are now balanced and on time, and school funding is improving. We Californians seemed to have learned something at the polls, and the supermajority Democrat legislature and Democrat governor has worked wonders. Yes, we have a serious water shortage, and I think I can be sure some blame that on President Obama (or, will that defer to Gov. Brown?

            You really need to check your facts, or are they meaningless to you?

          • Wish I was Out of California

            You need to do more research. California can’t even pay the interest it owes to the Feds for extending Unemployment benefits. Let alone all the unfunded State retirement plans up and down the cost. One Major problem various cities in California has is they can’t get rid of lousy Politicians/city councilmen & women…it’s like once there voted in that’s it !!! The infrastructure is crumbling in a lot of cities in California because they spend the money on other things or plain don’t have it now. Look at San Diego, even trying to keep up with fixing Pot Holes in the roads is a major problem. I could go on and on about the various problems but it would take up too much time and space.
            Have a great 4th of July !!!!

          • joerudnicki

            I’m not familiar with San Diego’s issues, but I can comment on the Unemployment benefit program and the recent State budget for 2014-2015 related to that.

            The funding gap for 2014-2015 that came about from the Great Recession is being closed through 1). A zero-based budgeting process that will result in a savings of $49 million. 2). an increase in withholding penalties deposited in the Contingent Fund from 10% to 15% resulting in increased revenue of $10 million ($25 million annually after 3 years. 3). a one-yr suspension of the transfer of personal income tax withholding penalties to the General Fund; approximately $16 million.

            For the remainder of your list, is it worth the effort to respond? From the last issue you switch subjects to street potholes, an inability to get rid of lousy politicians, councilmen & women out from office and infrastructure. We could switch topics endlessly, but I think it’s to no avail. I know of nowhere that politicians can’t be removed; I’m not intimately familiar with San Diego’s problems, though my last recent visit I didn’t notice the potholes that you reference as a major problem.

            I trust you, as you say, that you can go on and on about the various problems. I find it unfortunate that the lens you use leads you to always see it that way.

          • tired america

            the biggest thing they have is migrant workers working for near nothing watering the desert to produce fars that charge to much for the imagrants who deficate in the fields as they pick them and send it to the market for all of America

          • Harry McNicholas

            You are stupid. Migrant farm laborers work all across the U.S. including Texas and they do a good job and it is very very hard work. Why dont you get off your lazy butt and try it for a day. Likely would not last an hour.

          • DylanfromSantaCruz

            Please tell us which third grade teacher allowed you to pass on to the next level…so that we may hunt him/her down, and then punish them accordingly.

          • tired america

            quit stealing your water from outlyeing states

          • CAkid

            You are living in a dream land. As a Californian, the state is a disaster waiting to happen. Highest gas prices in the nation, terrible schools, a ed pension system headed for insolvency, Illegal aliens filling the jails and the voting booths, civil liberties under attack. Homosexuals getting preferential treatment over traditional families A disaster waiting to happen.

          • DylanfromSantaCruz

            If it’s a Republican, then you can reasonably assume that “facts” are never allowed to intrude upon conclusions.

          • sick and sad in Atlanta

            Well said Dylan from Santa Cruz! Thanks Joerudnicki for trying to enlighten these jarjheads. These people are beyond help. The guy that referred to Georgia as a cesspool should leave.

          • tired america

            plus the highest cost of living expense in the world and laws to what color your roof is What and talk about the workers espanol or what ever gang violence really cops beatings in the streets

          • Harry McNicholas

            Sorry but no place is as expensive in the U.S. as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and many other places.

          • DylanfromSantaCruz

            Hey. Simple solution to your problems, Gomer: Move.

          • Harry McNicholas

            What old Tex forgot to mention is that Texas is number 10 in the percentage of highest number of poor in the U.S. All the rest of the high poverty states are in the South.

          • elmer

            Do let the media fool you! Trust me its certain areas in the United States the government wants the population and revenue to increase.

          • elmer

            that’s also based on the population. companies in other countries don’t put you through all this bull crap here in the states. and education is free in other countries.

          • tang_go

            not accurate….their pensions still teetering on collapse, if that’s called a rebound

        • Mark

          @ Shane,
          SMACK, well done Texas, I live in California and have visited Texas (My job works with the refineries of which we are sprinkled throughout Texas, especially in Houston and the adjacent areas) and it was AWESOME. Texas KNOWS how to do business. Roll on Lone Star!!!

        • JIM F (An Old Soldier)

          I live in Texas, and am from CA. I’ll tell you what is high in Houston. Home insurance because of the hurricanes. I pay almost 10 times as much for windstorm insurance plus regular coverage, I paid $300 year total in CA and property taxes in CA are limited to 1% of property values. State income tax has so many deductions that it’s insignificant!

      • Your Friend, Geography

        >it’s still part of England<

        Uhhhh… no.

      • drtom

        Please tell me the name of a bank or credit union that pays 3.5 or 4 % on large deposits.

        • OC

          Doesn’t exist.

        • mary

          Buy shares of AT&T – the dividend is currently $1.84 on a share currently trading at $35.47 equaling 5.2% .

          • joerudnicki

            You’ll be fine as long as the share price doesn’t fall below your interest rate. You could also select other stocks for a potentially higher return, but as you do the “risk” increases.

        • keith

          Thanks, I read some of the posts on here, it is now about slamming others. Back to the origin, I too thought this post was about interest rates that your bank is paying. Sheesh!

      • gf333

        It’s part of the Commonwealth. NZ has pretty simplistic and smart tax laws. And, it’s kind of funny … somebody from California accusing somebody else of the taxes they pay. Add into that the costs of health care in the U.S., and that you live in California, and it’s probably hard to boast as you’re doing. Although sometimes people boast without reason.

        • tired america

          If it were up to me or what I thought of cali for the past 30 Years there would never be another truck go in or out of that state the border fence should go right up through the mountains and cut off the west side and all of that forsaken valley Just my opinion .

          • gf333

            Up to the mountaintops, and down to the bedrock?

      • OC

        Ohhhhh. Wow!

      • Beth

        What bank are you using?

      • David

        Are you stupid? New Zealand is part of England?! Is this because Elizabeth is the queen of both? You DO know that Elizabeth is also the Queen of Canada?! Is Canada part of England???!!

      • sweetpolly2


        • Sam Feibusch

          To one and all, Everybody thinks that California is some sort of a land of milk and honey. Well, let me clarify one point. The Governor of California, exemplifies one thing and one thing only; himself and his union cronies. He will be re-elected in November for the 4th time in addition to being the former Mayor of Oakland, California, one of the biggest target shooting ranges in the United States with fatal results for so many people living in there over the years. How do you feel about a political do-nothing like Governor Brown securing 5 pensions while the state of California no longer matters relevant to the prosperity of the United States. The San Joaquin Valley, formerly the breadbasket of the United States has failed because of a man who is only concerned about his 5 pensions and nothing else just like the rest of the marxists in this country. Unfortunately, the state of California is a “has been” state that no longer has any meaning for those who may be interested. High speed rail will finish the state for good and good luck to one and all. My wife and family will join me elsewhere for our own good.

      • Jim

        What bank is paying 4.5%? If it’s true, I will see if I can put my money in your CA bank, because I get only .5%….. that’s 1/2 of a percent on $50,000 deposit.
        I must have the worst bank in the world.

      • Zone11

        Specifically which credit union is offering 4.5% on a savings account?

      • Gerald Larey

        Dang, what credit union pays 4.5 on savings?

    • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

      Hobbit Fuker

    • OC

      5.25 was the lowest rate all banks offered until 1997.

    • Mark Jackson

      You do realize, don’t you, that Americans are allowed to keep their money in New Zealand accounts if they wish to do so? One doesn’t actually have to live in the same country as one’s money.

    • Barbara Kinney

      I bet a lot of us would’ve voted you “down” but this site will only let you vote “up”, fool.

  • K.s. Reddy

    In India, a flexi savings deposit yields an interest of 8.25%

    • drb-

      But your crummy currency lost >20% against the Empires dollar last year = negative sum game…. unless your buying mangoes and curry in Deli!

      • Ramelak

        Yes that is true, but the rupee has held remarkably stable ever since. Most currencies saw a slide against the dollar, mainly because of the rush for the greenback to pull dodgy investments from the US stock markets. But then look inside the US, and you see a different picture – falling house prices, the ever rising unemployment, corporate downsizing, and the constant collapse of greedy businesses…the list goes on. I wouldn’t invest in a country that gives me a near zero return and nothing else to look forward to! Thanks but no thanks! Its time the Yanks woke up and realized its not some paradise they’re living in!

        • Bryan White

          You are absolutely correct.
          I feel that India is the future..so much so that age 78 I am moving to Dehra Dun for the rest of my life and peace of mind.
          I have considered my 50 years in the US a sentence for something
          I never commitedI and it is about time I got time off for good behavior !I love the annualized yield of 11.29% on an SBI 5yr.fixed deposit. Due to the chicken feed paid in the US and all of the inherent
          risks I cannot afford my native UK. Anyhow I love India and the Indian people and look forward to spending whatever time I have left in India. JAI HIND>

          • the devil

            It’s good now, but just wait until the dollars are realized as the worthless scraps they are.

          • MoonBeamWatcher

            Convert now avoid the RUSH later!
            Best of everything! Maybe the youth of TODAY will stand up
            and be counted and save the World’s last “Best Hope!”
            G-d Bless America and what she once stood for!

          • Carol I

            Bryan: Good luck in India. My mother was born there in 1924 and one sister and brother. My Grandfather was a Methodist Missionary and taught English to the Native Indian boys. He and my Grandmother loved India. There was no Pakistan then. They were scared of the Cobra snakes, panthers and tigers that ate the people and children in the local villagers and would run the my Grandpa to bring his 30 ot 6 to save them.. I wouldn’t make it there and I wasn’t raised on their food. As for the Banks down there? If they become insolvent, you don’t have the protection that these have here. May God Go With YOU. Both of my Grandpa and Grandmom were born in Indiana and Michigan and met in College. My Grandpa was a Doctorate in Languages.

        • Harry McNicholas

          Sorry but in many states the Price of homes is rising. You are talking about old news. Nobody is pulling money out of the U.S. stockmarket. It just past 17,000. The unemployment is dropping and not rising. Business is doing very well. The difference is that your deposits in a U.S. bank are insured and in India they are not. I can get higher interest rates in a bank in a Mexico than I can in India or the U.S. but no thanks because the deposits are not insured.

          • Harry McNicholas

            To he lady saying I was wrong about immigrants drawing SSI. Sorry you are wrong. According to GOA the percentage of immigrants drawing SSI is 6.2% and not 60% as you said. Again no illegal can draw SSI or SS. Welfare is totally different and is run by the states. Every state is different as to its requirements. Some require proof of citizenship or legal residency and some do not. Also, most immigrants are employed in the lowest paying Jobs with a large percentage working on farms or mínimum wage Jobs. Anyone, immigrants or no immigrant if they have a family in most states can apply for welfare benefits. Basically we are being asked to make up the difference from what the employers are willing to pay for their employees. Very much like Wal Mart does. We have a choice of either paying higher wages for farm work and thus higher prices for our food or make it up in welfare payments. If illegals in your state are drawing welfare benefits, then change the laws. Make anyone applying for welfare show legal status. Make it that anyone applying be 18 years old and has legal status. This would eliminate 90% of the problem with paying welfare benefits to illegals. I would also make it a law that anyone applying for state disability show the same documents. Also, forcé the House Repubs to pass a law that comes down hard on the companies who hire illegals including a jail term. If illegals cannot get welfare nor any employment, they will not stay here. Also, so you know, most illegals are not hot footing it across the desert but enter the U.S. legally and overstay their visa. Anyone entering the U.S. on a tourist visa should have to turn in that visa when they leave. If they do not, then they are subject to a felony if caught. Anyone entering should have to give an address and telephone number where they will be staying. The Er system should be in place and all companies including farms should be required to file all the names, legal status and addresses of their employees.

    • Johnboi

      What is the per capita income in India? About $30 per month

  • jo

    The same miserable returns of about 1-2 % prevails in Canada also. It seems these countries do not want individuals to save, hence the pathetic low rates !!!

  • realestate

    does anybody know how much you get from the Hong Kong banks?

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      Move and find out!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    and “THEY” just can not figure out why Americans don’t save!

    • the devil

      Because Ronald Reagan started taxing the eph out of your savings way back then, when CD’s got 7% and now, they tell you that 0.8% is high-paying for a CD. So, the folks with money bid up the price of gold to $1400 from Reagan era $35, and pretend like they made money. Pffff! I used to buy gold in the 1970’s, so I know what I’m talking about. That’s why Americans don’t save- that, and they have to replace their iPhones every time a new one comes out. Just inventory folks you pass on the street and you’ll see a lot of opulence. Cry poor all the way to the bank in your Escalade. You know what, Americans need to get tight until prices come down. Too many people are happy with a dollar bill that’s only worth a nickel. Yeah, I used to pay 32 cents for a gallon of gas and now pay over $4.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Are you Obamas boy toy or just a TROLL?
        That is because the Democrats, RAPED, ROBBED and pillaged every fund available . . . Medicare (which contained NO goberment $$, all workers and employers contributions!) was sacked to provide seed money for ObamaCare!

      • chuck

        hey news flash, the seventies are in the past…..I use to bea able to buy a new car then for 5000 dollars, but govt regulation, and the unions have changed that too

        • the devil

          Platinum catalyst and other very expensive add-ons raised the price from $5000. You should see the robot room that does most of the welding assembly millwrights used to do. You pay so much to tech workers and programmers- way more than assembly line workers you begrudge the right to live in a good neighborhood. There aren’t even any lights on in the robot room, so save tons of money there. The robots never get paid benefits, strike or take days off until model change when they need to be programmed. The $5000 you used to get a whole car for might just buy the electronics in your new $40,000 Cadillac.

          Now, about unions. Would you rather pay living wages or disability? You can’t have it both ways if you take out union protection.

          Here’s the kicker, Chuck. The company stock value is more important than the product they manufacture because they depend on rich folks buying stock and collecting dividends and other profits. That’s another place the big money goes for products you think you’re getting screwed buying- and you’re right. Keep those executives fat and happy and whip the line worker you hate paying anything.

          See if GM’s new chairwoman will golf with you. Hmmm, same as all the other executives. Here’s what they have for you; a bill to pay and hoick ptui, thank you come again. Hey, clean that up.

          • chuck

            you can chose to find another job……….I for one don’t think any assembly line worker is worth 60 dollars an hour and another 40 an hour in benefits. as for the head of gm, if you don’t like his salary, boycott the product, but its a free market, and we all have choices

          • the devil

            Just to comfort you, they don’t have long life spans- even the ones who make it to retirement and they are not making as much money as you say they are. Those companies will shut down and move south and the workers who can’t follow them for no-seniority or union benefits, get no real retirement. You might feel so good about people working 20 years to get cheated out of their pensions, because that’s how GM does it. You think assembly line workers get over $400,000 a year. Find me one, OK. None of the ones I knew did. I haven’t bought a GM product in more than 40 years, and that includes Frigidaire.

          • tang_go

            what a d bag……companies value does depend on product….see detroit…..or, much better, dearborn, mi

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Lets see, Zero interest on savings . . . so much for 3rd leg of retirement funds!
    Then “THEY” want to increase minimum hourly wage without equal % increase
    to Social Security and SSI . . . guess Obamma wants the old and inform to die
    for the collective, eh!?

    • mrunpc

      You hit the nail on the head…unfortunately. Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest enemy America ever had, bar none! He and his Communist pals (aka: “democrats”) are the equivalent of terminal cancer in humans, slowly eating away until there’s nothing left…and it’s all by design.

      ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

      • the devil

        Savings accounts started being a bad deal ever since Governor/President Ronald Reagan taxed the heck out of it. That was the beginning of the end – the cancer eating away at the national economy. Better get what you can now while there still is some. Then there was the real estate melt down. Then there was the financial crises. Did we go over the fiscal cliff like Mike Savage promised and like Mitt Romney promised and like the rest of the AM radio propagandists keep pumping into your ears as they blindfold you to the truth? College used to be a good deal before Reagan started making it unaffordable as a university regent. Your kids’ physics textbook that you paid $10 for costs $100 now. Your $1500 tuition has gone up to $15,000 a year. So, that’s what you think is so much better than communism- not that I’m a fan of communism. mrunpc, wander past your local Walmart and take a look at the real world.

        • chuck

          insurance use to be affordable before Obama…….we can cherry pick all the presidents of the past, including the fiasco of the carter administration, but hands down, the economy is weak, and remains so because of the policies put into place by the current administration

          • the devil

            My insurance didn’t change much. Mostly the premium my job negotiated went up a little and they pay most of that. Get a job and you’ll see. I’m you can’t work, make sure to get your tax credit.

          • chuck

            I have a job….I have been self employed for 20 years, after serving over 25 in the army….its very presumptuous for you to blanket people into a mold, when you know nothing about them…don’t you agree?

          • the devil

            So, all you really want to say is you hate Obama, everything he has done, everything he hasn’t done, everything he couldn’t get past filibusters, everything other people have done that you try to blame on him, everybody who knows better than to believe you- did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, you hate Michelle too.

          • chuck

            you blame republicans , however, they ae one half of one third of the govt……when Obama had both the house and senate he shoved things thru by super majority, and right now there is a check and balance. I think he is a piece of shit, and deserves to be impeached

          • guest

            Impeached for what? If anyone should have been impeached it was Bush and Cheney for all of their shenanigans, chicanery and outright lies to the American public. All they did was fill up the pockets of them and their cronies through the companies in which they have vested interests and are part of the war/industrial complex like Halliburton, Kellogg, Lockheed, etc. Then, they and Wall St. tried to take the country and the global economy down with all of the tricks, smoke and mirrors down with bundled mortgages, derivatives, and the false grading by those entrusted to grade financial products honestly, but didn’t, like Standards & Poor. Bush presented the “Trojan Horse”, for the mortgage industry when he started saying that “minorities should have more opportunity to own homes”. I knew right then and there that there was something amiss. Bush didn’t and still doesn’t give a damn about minority home ownership, he was just ushering in what turned out to be, the fiasco that almost brought the entire economy down. It backfired, and the scam that they thought would only affect a certain targeted minority population, got out of hand, and kicked them all in the ass!
            Bush/Cheney and their God, Reagan, right along with the crazy cretins in Congress now, with their greed and lies, should have been impeached, tried and thrown under a federal prison somewhere.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Chuck they control the purse strings. Obama can either sign or veto legsilation passed by the House and Senate. This is why since the Repub gained control of the House, nothing has been done about any of the problems. However, there is a deeper problem. The problem is that we only elect lawyers. This last Presidential election we had two Harvard educated lawyers. Now Ted Cruz will likely run and he is another Harvard educated lawyer. Why would his manner of mangement be any different than Obamas? Bush went to Yale but no difference. Obama simply followed Bushs game plan. We are 17 trillion dollars in debt because of lawyers. We have 40 million people living in poverty because of lawyers. We have not won a war since WWII because of lawyers. We shipped all our manufacturing overseas due to lawyers. Thinking that you will vote for a Demo or Repub lawyer and get something different is dumb. Germany is run by a lady with a PhD in physics. Germany has a 4.8% rate of unemployment, no Budget déficit and in fact this year a slight surplus. The country is managed properly with low crime rates and Little if any poverty. Germany has had a national health care law since the Káiser. Unión leaders sit on the Boards of Directors of Corporations and no labor strife. German workers are well trained and educated. Does that mean we all should move to Germany? No but we just might learn a few things from them. I am personally sick and tired of all the damn lawyers and useless people we have managing or I should say not managing this country. Bush got us into a war in Iraq that cost us 6 trillion dollars and now knothead Obama is sending more tropos back there and the Repubs would send more. Get rid of the whole bunch and elect anyone who is not a lawyer. It is not socialism we should fear but cronism and the U.S. is full of it.

          • Harry McNicholas

            So you are complaining about Obama and you leeched off the government for 25 years and still a leech. No medical costs, full pension that never ends guaranteed by the government. Do not have to pay Federal Excise taxes and can shop at the BX and pay no taxes and get products dirt cheap. Yes, you should really hate Obama.

          • Harry McNicholas

            So you leeched on the rest of us for over 25 years and still a leech since all your medical is paid including dental. You shop at the BX and pay about one half for anything you need. You do not have to worry but losing your pention since the government pays for it

          • devodude

            Insurance is supposed to be there for when you are too sick to work. Only problem is with the old system… When you were too sick to work, when you needed it the most you lost your insurance since insurance is tied to your employment. A win win situation for the insurance company. They happily take all your money when you are healthy then kick you to the curb when you lose your job due to an extended illness.

          • OC

            That’s the absolute killer. That’s what the Wingers seem to support. But I think the average person knows a Parasitic Media Fallacy when they hear of it. That’s the ONLY way a African-American man was elected as President.

          • devodude

            It wasn’t affordable or available for my family… Pre-existing conditions. Prior to Obama my wife was as good as dead. Thank you republicans for wanting to kill my wife and others like her.

          • chuck

            how about taking some personal responsibility for your self, and stop depending on the help of people like me, who carry their own freight

          • Guest

            My wife has a masters degree and taught in public schools for 25 years. Getting sick and having to quit her job should not meant that she can no longer be insured because she is no longer on a “group” plan. Someone should not go from insurable to un-insurable for no reason other than losing their job. You should be able to continue on your plan paying the entire amount yourself, since there is no employer contribution. COBRA allows that for a short time. There needed to be a permanent solution and now there is. Republicans had their chance to make sensible changes. They made no changes.

          • chuck

            the republicans did not vote on this things, nor did they say :if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” or, there will be a tremendous savings for those that are insured….the savings is based on taxpayers subsidies……and why wasn’t your wifes union benefits kicking in…….no matter how you spin it, its not my responsibility to subsidize your healthcare…….period. If you remember in 2010, the dems locked themselves in chambers, at midnite and voted this thing in……..liberals have the shortest memories

          • Guest

            Union benefits for someone who has had to quit their job??? What state do you live in??? This is ARIZONA!! When my wife left her job she left her insurance behind with it. The state will not provide insurance for retired teachers and neither will the union.

          • devodude

            Union benefits for someone who has had to quit their job??? What state do you live in??? This is ARIZONA!! When my wife left her job for health reasons she left her insurance behind with it. The state will not provide insurance for retired teachers and neither will the union….

          • chuck

            they do in Oregon, its called public employee retirement PERS

          • Fedup

            My friendwas a teacher in Arizona who was diagnosed with cancer was able to go on a medical LOA, was able to keep her insurance for several years until she was able to go on social security disability. Why did your wife Quit her job rather than going on a medical LOA?

          • Jane

            If in fact your wife, god bless her, was in a union, or career and she left her job due to illness after 25 years, she would be covered under that insurances disability until she was eligible for Social Security. I know this first hand. My mother in law had a heart attack at 50. She was a nurse for 25 years, and that is exactly how she has handled it. She wasn’t insured to go uninsured due to illness. That just doesn’t happen in a career setting with insurance and benefits. Further more she has insurances through our government and insurance agencies that pay her when she is in the hospital, for her disability. I think you should do some more investigating that can help you with the bills to keep your wife alive rather than think ObamaCare will help you. Because they were already in place! So, in closing the only way your wife went from insured to uninsured, is if she quit her job and didn’t want to do what the disability insurance deemed steps to prove the disability

          • devodude

            No, she is too sick for work, not sick enough for disability.

          • Jane

            If she can’t work, it’s disability. And if, Obama care saved her life and she doesn’t have a disability then I am really at a lose of why you chose to say it “saved her life”

          • Learnscienceplease

            Just because the SSDI doesn’t say his wife is “disabled” doesn’t mean she isn’t disabled. It is hard, and getting harder, to get SSDI. I know people who went through all the appeals, and only received it after they appeared in court for their final appeal.

            Even disabled people pay into SSDI, FYI. We are taxed just as you are.

            I am on disability for chronic daily migraine. My husband is on it for tonic-clonic seizures, the most serious kind, the kind that can cause sudden death. He had brain surgery. He now see letters and numbers that aren’t there. Does that count as disabled in your narrow little slot canyon of a mind? People like you think if we can walk upright, we must be faking it.

          • OC

            They don’t say that though about disabled foreigners who never put a single dime into the system.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Unless you are a legal U.S. resident you can never draw anything from SS. To apply for SS you must present evidence that either you are a citizen or legal U.S. resident. An illegal might be paying into SS but can never draw anything from it. Stop making statements that are not true.

          • OC

            If foreigners couldn’t get SSI plus housing plus free tuition, ect. fully 3/4 of all the people from Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Pakistan even South Africa, China WOULDN’T come here. Religious refugees, victims of our wars, Resettlement Act.
            Wow. You can go straight to Hell.

          • Harry McNicholas

            There would be no way for any foreigner to draw SSI without being a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Most Chinese come here to send their kids to U.S. schools. Also, the last I checked Ukraine is in Eastern Europe. To immigrate from Iran today is next to imposible since there is no U.S. embassy in Iran. Very few legal immgrants end up on welfare.

          • Anne Wells

            You need to check your facts before spotting off. Go to Pew. 60% of immigrants go on welfare. That is the legal immigrants! The illegal immigrants are even higher…how since you will spout they can not collect…anchor baby, education for their kids that they do not pay any taxes for, healthcare.. many states allow illegals to collect…etc. the list is long.

          • Harry McNicholas

            You need to get a brain. SSI is Federally funded. Welfare is State funded. No you cannot draw any SSI benefits unless you are a legal resident or U.S. citizen. The GAO statistics say 6.2% of immigrants draw SSI. I did not say state welfare. Learn to read. States all have different laws concerning welfare. That is a big problem but states refuse to have the Feds mandate anything. In some states to draw welfare you must prove you are legal in the U.S. plus prove that you are a resident of that state. Others do not. Also, as I stated most immigrants take on low paying Jobs. Many do farm work where wages are very low. Many states, like the state of Washington, pays the immigrants welfare rather than forcing the farm industry to pay better wages. It boils down to whether you are willing to pay more for your food or have your taxes used for welfare. Personally, I would prefer to pay more for food than pay someone state welfare. Where illegals get in is with states like Washington who turn a blind eye to legal residency. Again, the farmers benefit from this. Next is the question of being hurt on the job. Sorry you are not legal we do not pay. Before making a rebuttal research the subject and learn the difference between SSI and state funded welfare.

          • helen_monsalve

            Sorry, Harry, you are misinformed!

          • Harry McNicholas

            No you are misinformed. To apply for a SS card you must present a copy of a birth certificate. If born outside the U.S., you must supply originals of your naturalization papers. You will be asked for a photo ID also. That means only U.S. citizens and legal residents can obtain a SS card. No card and no SS benefits. I hear this garbage all the time how illegals are drawing SS benefits and it is simply BS. What happens is that illegals in some states get by with state sponsored welfare. That has nothing to do with SS or the Feds. The states make their own welfare laws. States should require the same as SS and you must present an original birth certificate or better yet a U.S. Passport or a residency card.

          • OC

            Because she was able to get treatment for her problems without sneaking across a border of another country. Without selling what she has left to reduce her assets to Nothing and live on bus benches in order to Qualify.
            I met someone at the library who’s on 7 medications, in a wherlchair, can hardly talk — and — unlike Vietnamese, Iraquis, Iranians, Ukrainians, Eastern Europeans, Chinese – new arrivals that i’ve met over the years — was DENIED Social Security Disability.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Again if they are legal and have paid into SS they might or might not qualify for SS disability. You are tracked every year and soon it runs out.

          • Laura Mills

            Do you have a health care policy through your job? Can’t you sign her onto your policy?

          • Harry McNicholas

            Sorry she is not covered by disability.

          • MarkTele

            it was the GOP’s plan to begin with… short memory?

          • Burnerman

            You are the dumbest most clueless retarded disgrace on this whole site. Yer kind is what is wrong with America. You sir are NOT an American and are proof positive of pure stupidity..

          • OC

            Except in certain Republican-controlled states — like Romney’s Massachusettes and I believe Utah – because they believe in Big families and there is simply no way anyone in the US could afford to HAVE a family. But we get to PAY for everyone else’s. The fascist Republican Party and their overseas parasites have convinced American Citizens that it is an Act of Treason to have a Family.

          • tang_go

            the far left cannot fathom of actually thinking something through that pertains to them holding themselves to any kind of standard, especially when you get such a knee-jerk reaction stating that other people want to kill…..c’mon…..do you really believe your selling anyone with such an ignorant response?….hate using that word….

            have you asked yourself what you could do individually, rather than as a collective as far as saving money for the general benefit of the public? why do you always have others involved in your good deeds that involves collecting from one group and handing it out to another group, whether the other group believes in your value system, or not?

            empower yourself first. then empower others……you don’t get people to believe in themselves waiting in lines to receive their monthly allotements from government…..which we all know they no longer need to do with money automatically wired into their accounts and wic cards…..just makes them that more gracious of the charity they receive…..kinda like a kid being told to put down the gaming control…..they resent you and hate you…..how long has the left been fighting this war on poverty? over 60yrs, or more now? How’s that going for you?….right, reagan stepped in and mandated no more social climbing, that’s right……clinton, hopped on board with the house agenda in office and look at how well we did in the 90’s…..that’s right, bush hates………people, per kanye west….and the current admin cannot stop laying blame for their own incompetency……that’s how you lead from the top..

          • Sakonya

            People like you, who are probably leeching off of his mama or some other family member in some way, always have so much to say about how they “carry their own weight”, until something catastrophic happens to them. If by chance, you are in some way “successful”, you need to realize, in your pompousness, that you did not do it all alone. There was some program, public or private, some avenue of opportunity that you were afforded, some collectively held entity or resource that helped along the way. You sound like an ignorant and arrogant ass thinking that you have done it all by yourself. A nice piece of humble pie for the asshole, please!

          • chuck

            let me get one thing straight, after 30 years in the military, I opened a a small business, that I neither borrowed money for or had any help from the govt with, all I found in doing so was high taxes to support people like you,,,,,,I find it ironic that the sum gain of the American way right now is take take take, and take, without regard for where that money comes from…..I……do not take…..my social footprint is all but non exisitant with the extent of “public support” yes, I receive a military pension, but I earned that, I get damn tired of listenting to the whiners and people who just dont get it……you are not guaranteed health coverage, nor are you guaranteed a piece of the American pie.,just a chance to be WHy does the American taxpayer have any i9ntrest in helping you gain health coverage? is that in the bill of rights, or anywhere in the constitution? lazy piece of shit

          • Harry McNicholas

            So Chuck you leeched off the government for 30 years. You are retired meaning you get a full pention, Access to Base medical free including free prescriptions, free dental care, eye glasses the Works. Plus you shop at the base Exchange and pay no fed excise taxes on anything. You buy everything there at less than half what the rest pay. Now how do I know this. I was also in the military but not a lifer.

          • tang_go

            typical lefty

          • Daisy

            Typical person with brain. Can you really be that stupid. To think that the health insurance was working. What rock are you living under?

          • tang_go

            obviously not a rock that you’re under with patchoulle and unkept hair…..again typical lefty response….sounds as if cooter came thru the bkdoor the other night

          • Harry McNicholas

            Yes, he cares about the life of his wife. A Repub would simply let her die.

          • tang_go

            typical lefty

          • Rupert

            I hate the blame game. Blame it on to Obamacare. It is a wonder you didn’t blame it on Bush.

          • James

            Republicans wanted pre-existing coverage and offered it in legislation that Harry Reid would not allow on the floor. Your statement is more than false. They offered very good ideas and affordability where we could keep our own doctors. Just wait a while and we will be waiting longer times than the VA to get a doctor or specialist. What care we do get will be mediocre. They also allowed our own doctors to be in charge of our health care, not a bureaucrat in DC. Quit listening to the MSM B.S. and educate yourself.

          • Burnerman

            You tell em!!, They are just clueless blind sheeple who only know what the Koch sucker brothers have told lie after lie about to them.

          • OC

            You can thank the Bush/Cheney Administration also for the wholesale looting and rape of the US Treasury. Iraq’s as well. (Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with the murder of 3,000 citizens. Following the Money trails leads straight to the Executive Branch’s Triad of sociopaths, their Oil and Death Profits, and their Paid Footmen among rich Jews in the US and Israel.

          • pacman

            I’ve never had affordable health care!

          • Harry McNicholas

            If you live in the U.S. you are probably right. As an American, you pay the highest amount for health care on the planet and crappy Cubans out live you.

          • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

            If you think it was expensive before, wait for this “affordable” blessing.
            You can smell a rat when all the politicians and their cronies quickly
            exempt themselves. It is a disaster in the making for young and old.
            It is a tool to snuff you out by restricting coverage and promptness
            when your medical expenses go up.

        • tang_go

          was in california and heard all the bitching of the baby boom generation complaining how much they have to pay for in state university tuition at the same rate as my quarterly tuition was in the early 90s…..that with Mela-Roos…..how it sounds….and local sales taxes nearly 10% throughout the state, and tying 1% temporary, income tax increase across the board, to defunding special needs children…..Anyone that doesn’t tow the party line in California is considered human scaffolding…..shows how empathetic, and really openly, hypocritical they the lot really is.

        • RICK-861415


        • OC

          They pay as much for textbooks as they do for tuition. Nursing and math books go as hipgh as $500!

        • lela

          You devil you. You hit the nail on the head. Reagan started it all by deregulating the banks and that left the door open for them to do all sorts of crazy loans. Remember the S & L scandal of 1986? I do, I bought a home in May and went upside in Oct. After living there 7 years I still had to do a short sale. Thank you Pres. Reagan. Pres. Clinton came along and got us back on our feet and left a nice surplus for the next administration. Comes along Bush…2 wars, collapsed economy, 9/11, more tax breaks for the rich, cuts to the VA (all depts.) Lots of money made for Bush and Cheney. Pres. O. got Bin Laden and ended the wars without the help of congress. He could have accomplished so much more it they weren’t a pack of hater racists.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        We are all AMERICANS some have been mislead by
        the necklaces and shinny stuff, but in the final analysis
        what Obama gives short shift to is the American is G-d
        fearing and patriotic!

      • HonkUSA

        Oh my god ! , Did you graduate from High School ?.

        • me-me

          no they did not

          • OC

            Hired Kochians. They may hire them to post canned comments from overseas — 50c an hour.

          • Burnerman

            LoL so true! just another Koch sucker brother sheeple running blindly through the world posting brain dead ignorant comments on random boards. The Republicans are the biggest Hypocrite disgraces this country has Ever had to endure!!!

      • Viet69vet

        Check history: Ron, smoke&mirrors , reaganomics , Reagan. George artificial Boom& Global bust , Bushnomics, NO ARMOR, Bush, a Corp. is a person, Supreme Court…

      • Eh?Eh!Eh.

        No No that would have been your last president in the view of most of the rest of the world .Sounds rather like you are a fascist warmongering republican .

      • ericasoul

        How did this article go from the highest interest on savings accounts in the country to this crap? I must be one of the democrat “commies” you refer to
        “in drag” no less. Maybe you want to join Ed Snowden in Russia or maybe you’d rather live in Somalia or Syria or North Korea, some of the world’s most repressive societies. In any one of those countries, you’d probably be publicly executed or even beheaded for saying things like this about the country’s leader. Your rant is obscene and ridiculous.

        • pleasant

          THANK YOU!

      • OC

        You’re advertising, trying to sell your crap on these comment boards.

      • kingwarren

        Soon you will not be safe to say what you just did. Just read your history and you will know what will happen. It always does! Just a matter of time.
        The government is stealing money from the retired people, using the low interest rates to make them spend their assets. That is also stealing from the heirs who won’t have the money to spend. If you believe the people making this happen care….You are Brain-dead!

      • Harry McNicholas

        You wouldnt know of Communist if one hit you along side the head which might knock some sense into that dumb head. There are communists in the U.S. and they are called Mennonites and Hutterites. All land and all means of production are held in common and no private ownership. There are also very strict rules including a strict dress code. So where did they get their Communism. Das Kapital? Nope the Bible and they can quote you the verse that tells them how to live. Modern American conservatives must be the dumbest people on the planet. Ayn Rand is turning in her grave.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Obama has no control of what interest the Banks either charge or pay you on your savings. Also, Obama has no control over what is paid by SS or SSI. All funding must be approved by the U.S. Congress. Learn something about how your government functions instead of being stupid.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        If “Mr.” Obama had advisors other then “YES” persons (PC)
        and Coat Holders he would be aware of the impact the
        MHW will have on infirm and elderly. Oh, he knows!
        Thought that! It is you who are stupid or just a TROLL!

        • padraig8

          Moonbeam What are you smoking?

          • MoonBeamWatcher

            When SS & SSI gets annual COLA everything at market costs more. Thus, withoutl a comparable increase in SS & SSI them on fixed income too old or infirm to work will be faced with the spiraling cost of EVERYTHING and forced to die for the collective!

  • Jason

    We get more than 10% in Sri Lanka, Sorry my fellow Americans!!!

    • tang_go

      yea? and how’s your inflation rate that past few years?

  • Houtex77

    Hardly get any interest with my Chase savings, maybe it’s time for a change.

    • Whitey

      All I get from CHASE is a nasty f-ing email telling me to make my credit card payment 2 weeks early.

      • me-me

        they are not toilet trained that’s their problem

      • ericasoul

        I don’t understand that. I have a credit card with Chase, which I pay every month, on time, early in fact, and I have never gotten such a letter from the bank.

        • Whitey

          e-mail not letter, they like it when you pay early, i pay on time but not early.

    • http://www.google.com time2bsmart

      Interest rates are the lowest they have ever been…thank the fed for that.

  • mrunpc

    Barack Hussein Obama
    is the biggest enemy America ever had, bar none! He and his Communist
    pals (aka: “democrats”) are the equivalent of terminal cancer in humans,
    slowly eating away until there’s nothing left…and it’s all by design.

    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

    • Johnboi

      why the f–k don’t you leave, if you have this much hatred against our Nation. No President that was ever elected has bee able to solve, all of the problems, of this country. Have you ever worn a uniform, and put your life on the line, to make this a better country. If not, you need to shut the fuck up.

      • chuck

        I have worn the uniform, and I also agree that the Obama administration has done more to reverse the constitution than any previous admin……but then he thinks its not written “in stone”

        • Ross

          When a country is technically bankrupt – this is what you should expect… Handouts stop and tough decision get made that affect everyone… Time to pay the Piper US. I can only image the hell that you would be in if there was another 8 years of ‘Bush’ like government.

        • ColoMom

          I still don’t understand how the ‘masses’ could vote for anyone who wrote in a book ” The sweetest sound in the world is the call to prayer in the morning” ( & we’re not talking Christian prayer) Oh yea!! they were deceived by him & the liberal media!!!

      • Martin_vanburen

        Why does one have to “wear a uniform” to be able to talk?
        Although I agree with everything you said, the serving in the military is not one of them.
        My Grandfathers, my dad, my brother and my son have all served, but I was refused enlistment…. so I can’t hold a valid opinion?

        • Harry McNicholas

          You have the right to have an opinión. I do agree that any politician who sends people into war should have had served time in the military. We have a President who did not and just sent 300 troops back to Iraq. Most of our Senate and Congress never served time in the military but boy do they like to send our troops into wars.

          • Martin_vanburen

            So, in your opinion, only those that have served in the military can serve in our Congress or WH? Since they all have to make decisions about war. We also had a president who “served” and sent 1000’s to die in an unnecessary war along with a VP that deferred his way out of serving.
            I can see honoring a persons service to our country, but don’t exclude those that didn’t serve, for whatever reason.

    • the devil

      The economy was largely ruined by wild and unregulated speculation in real estate and energy. Now, real estate is out of reach and energy is too expensive. Speculators are still running prices up on everything they can put a dollar on.

      • smlcap

        You’re right. However, incomplete. You have only scratched the surface.

  • mastercard8


    www. phpbber. com/phpbb/emob.html

    Is this illegal?

  • Carol I

    Banks? Banks? Save Money!! You have GOT to be kidding. Sure about 60 years ago, they use to have Christmas savings for kids. At least we had bank books and could SEE the saving. I went into a bank here in Texas. Haven’t had any account in 10 years except a card to send into and pay bills by. CHASE was offering 150 insentive to get an account. I got things on line and they went wild over my account. I cleared that up and after 2 months, I decided to stop the account and go back to my plain card. All of a sudden on my next check, my Social Security Check this bank jumped into my check and TOOK the 150 back. I was livid and just seethed my teeth and left. Never again will I have any bank account except the credit/debit card that I had for 25 years. I don’t mess with the bank. My SS check comes in and on my card early by two days and I pay my bills at their centers all over the states. I recently changed to Opti-Plus and they only charge $5.00 a month for direct deposit. I call, they don’t charge me for calls and the added charges that Netspend did for 25 yrs. They got upset that I left them for Opti. They sent me additional cards and I cut them up. They got $1 everytime I spent money to purchase anything and treated me very badly and they made a fortune off me. I told them that when I found a bank better than them I would change. I did. Speedy Cash(money box). Yes these far away banks, I don’t deal with and I don’t deal with checks etc or excessive these banks do in the Public for. Banks are not your friend and with interest rates so low, their not getting my money. They eat on us like leeches. Build your own house and buy land. pay for every board and when your through, it’s all yours and banks don’t rule over us any more. They love mortgages. Do you really want to let them feed off your earnings???????????

    • ericasoul

      You mean Chase bank actually accessed your SS check and removed $150.00
      from it???? This is crazy stuff on this blog. Why do you pay $5.00 a month for direct deposit? I have more than one direct deposit to my accounts and pay ZERO. The banks love to have money directly deposited into accounts. In fact, they waive fees for customers with direct deposits.

  • Nic

    And what was the story about? Some people will find any excuse to blame Obama for everything. Ridiculous!

  • lilserenity

    i think these are the ones that need people to bank with them..After all the problems Bank of America has been doing why would they say its the best ,no way..this is a lie they want you to bank with them to keep them alive..Stick with credit unions love them…They wont let you down like these big banks.Wells Fargo I paid my bills and had 2 cents left they charged me 35.00 for not having the money for their monthly fee,they took my 2 cents and charged me overdraft fees hell no way i closed my account.Trustco I always wanted to open an account with them but now i have to have 1,000 to do it no way its not a big wig bank but acts it..Then suntrust cost 1000 also no thank you im staying with my prepaid card i had for 3 years.THink about one saves you alot of headaches.

    • http://www.google.com time2bsmart

      Community Banks really do a good job of taking care of their customers. Typically, the bank’s that pay the highest interest need the deposits more an sometimes can be in trouble in other ways, so that isn’t always the best indicator of what bank you should patronize.

  • DepDawg

    I just switched from Cap.One 360 to CITBank. I’ve been stagnant @ .075 APR forever!

  • Whitey

    I was stunned to see 5% interest paid on savings accounts in peru (of course no FDIC)

  • Whitey

    Yes, Very big bugs.

  • Steve

    Arguing about interest on normal savings? Comparing the interest on bank account savings accounts isn’t even worth your time. It’s like driving 5 miles to another gas station to save 8 cents a gallon on gas.

    How about this for a savings plan… quit buying stupid stuff. Buy less expensive (used) cars with cash. Pay credit card bills off in full every month. Don’t rent. Buy your own house making use of current record low interest rates for home mortgages.

    If you have extra cash after that, put it in retirement accounts. You’ll never miss it. Retirement age comes sooner than we think.

    • ericasoul

      Smart advice!

    • bundi

      I loved reading the way ward discussion on this thread interest rate on savings account to politics and living in CA and Tx and general BS about the hate of demacrats and republicans. From my history lessons I believe there has been both good and bad presidents from both parties. Reagan gave new hope and the start of the decline of the iron curtain. I also started spending our nation into permanent budget deficient. Democrats also gave us FDR Truman Kennedy and Johnson. They managed through warm peace and some of the toughest times in our history. Reagan also pushed the deregulation of the S&L which cause the first huge banking bailout which caused the recesstion of the early 90’s which and costed Busk I the 92 election. Clinton used the be the most hated democrat until Obama but the stupid bastard actually balanced the budget twice or was it three times. Then Bush II came in. He sent us to war against a nation with a declaration of war against Iraq which didn’t have WMD’s and promoted a “society of ownership” that resulting in the biggest f-up I the banking system which we are all pying for. Its like the big lawsuit against the tobacco industry. They supposedly had to pay a few billion dollars. Did they? I think the smokers are still paying for it. That’s why cigarettes are $5 a pack vs. $1.50 Back to Bush It was the again the Banks that have us all bent over and holding our ankles. You all want to hang Obama out to dry. He and the Congress of 2008 and 2009 saved all of our collective asses.
      You want to know about Obama Care. What the hell are all of you upset over. You don’t want to have your kids on your policies until 25? You don’t want to prevent the insurance companies from dropping you for health issues? You don’t want Insurance companies to have limits on the maximum policy outlays? Those are just some parts of the bill. If any of you are in a company your policies are changing on because of the Obama Care, but because of you company, the insurance policies, and the hospital costs. Hospital costs are excessive because they have to cover the cost of the high risk patients that cant pay for their costs of the unemployed etc. A recent study of two hospital systems in Fort Wayne In. The for profit hospital vs a non profit hospital. Both have great heart cancer maternity and other surgical specialities. The Non profit has the best newest hospitals and is about 30 to 50% cheaper for their services (???) I was unemployed by the 2008 recession. I am now on SSDI those benefits are not taxed by the Feds or the State of Indiana. I signed up for Obama care and my premiums are about $480 per month with total out of pocket or $3000 per year. The incentive from the ACA is only about $130 so my monthly premium out of pocket is $340. Based on my expectations my total annual cost of pocket costs moved from about $14000 to about $7000.
      You all think Obama Care is bad, What do you think about Medicare and VA benefits? That is social medicine. They don’t tell you who u cn or cannot see, but the market does that for you. Not all hospitals and doctors accept Medicare. Since I am on SSDI I qualify for Medicare Part A & can purchase parts B & D. I chosen not to buy it since their coverage isn’t as good as the policy that I got via Obama care. I was working as a Plant Manager in the Automotive supplier industry. Our company went though bankruptcy along with most of the rest of industry and one of the biggest reason was the cost of pensions and benefits. In the 70’s the health cares costs were split about 50 50 between employers and employees. By the 90s the companies were paying about 85 to 15%
      The easiest way to resolve all of this crap about healthcare is to live a more healthy life. The largest killers in our country are heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Most of these issues are caused my piss poor decision with lifetime and poor eating and a seditary lifestyle. I was very overweight and smoked almost 3 packs a day. I took a lot of work but Ive moved from 290 to 180. I haven’t smoked in over 10 years now thanks to what I call a voo doo queen. The only way to resolve most of the heathcare issues is to eliminate the insurance process completely. There are communities in our country that have adopted those type of systems and their health care costs have come down and the basic belief is that everyone deserves healthcare. I have gone a hospital in Canada and had ski accident. I had a few ex rays was give a soft leg cast and walked away with a set of crutches. I didn’t a signal bill from the Ski Patrol, the ambulance or the hospital that treated me.
      The healthcare billing and paper work processes in our current insurance system I would estimate as probably about 50% of the total costs. there are more paper pushes than there are nurses and doctors. We have great hospitals, but so does England Canada and most of the European countries that have social medicine. So you think this is socialism well maybe it is. There are several system in our nation that transitioned to socialism in our time. Such things like the army, policy, fire departments are all socialist system. As a community we have agreed to make these items as important issues. That doesn’t mean that some of still invest some more for safety equipment in our own homes like fire extinguisher or alarm systems or even a gun or two. But we dont own individual fire truckes, tanks or jail cells. Well maybe in texas a few folks just. Might.
      So you all think Im just a bleeding heart Democrat. I consider myself an conservation democrat. I am proud to say the I voted for Clinton twice and Obama twice. I also voted for Dick twice and Mitch Danials once. I will never vote to the retarded tea party support lover of the NRA non degreed house republican in our district. If the Republican party or any of their candidates would come up a few good plans I would support and vote for them. All that I can hear so far is the party of no ideas and everyone in the republican party talks about the Reagan legacy. I just didn’t realize the legacy was Nancy’s Just Say No plan. I guess its works for them and with the huge pockets of 3% that support the candidates of the party and the Obama haters they might actually make a run for it. How the hell did they F up the 2012 elections and didn’t take the White House or the Senate. Oh I guess it was just the People tell the Republican party to kiss their collection rear end

      • ericasoul

        First, congratulations on losing over 100 pounds! That’s fantastic. I agree with you that the Republican’s claim to fame is the Reagan legacy…the Just Say No Plan…that remark made me chuckle. The Republicans are to blame for the Great Rececession of 2008-2009. Clinton balanced the budget in the 90’s and gave us a surplus and financial solvency. Bush’s Iraq war and tax cuts plundered our budget and plunged our country into the worst economic devastation since WW II.

        The Republicans are trying to convince Americans that somehow this is all Obama’s fault. You’re right, they have no ideas and are self-serving. They would rather play games with American politics than to serve for the good of Americans, which is what they were elected to do. Their last hope to regain the faith of the American people was the Tea party, which turned into a dismal failure. They are now trying to distance themselves from the very party they thought would save their asses as well as from the incoherence of some of their supporters like Rush Limbaugh.

        Their party is a mess right now and they have nothing to offer the American people. Maybe we should follow “the Just Say No plan, to the Republicans until they get their act together, and remember who they were elected to serve.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Damn Steve. That is unAmerican. You must be one of those Commie liberal Fascists. Live within your means indeed. My wife and I must be Mr. and Mrs. Ultra Conservatives because no we do not own a new car or make car payments. We own our home free and clear and no it is not some 3,000 square foot barn. We have no debt. When Americans stop being stupid and take control of their finances, they then can take control of their government and managed it correctly. How can you expect someone who cannot manage their personal finances be able to manage those of government?

  • jester

    you are all broke…

  • Mad

    Why do they put ads and other crap over the article? I can’t read the thing because all this crap is in the way.

  • Guest

    Ya’ll have issues! Get back to work!

  • bigjohn

    mrunpc. Oh, know not another one blaming Obama for all America’s ills. You give Obama to much power and credit even though its negative. If were some one else you would be blaming them to. Instead come up with some viable solutions to America’s ills. I really hate it when people complain but have no viabale solutions.

    • Harry McNicholas

      It is not just Obama John, it is all the politicians and the big shots who work for them. Everyone is a lawyer. Anyone who has owned a business like I did can tell you that the worst partner you can have in business is a lawyer. I watched a very very good privately held company go down the toilet due to a lawyer. Dump all the lawyers in government and you are a long way to solving government problems.

      • rschiel50

        And I hope that includes all the lawyers in the House and Senate as well!

        • Harry McNicholas

          Especially in the House and Senate. They have mismanaged this country for years. What is strange is if I want to sell real estate, insurance, stocks, drive a car, be a contractor, I must take a test. If I want to join the military or work for the Post Office, I have to take a test. However, any boob can run for office and not have to take test one. None have to demonstrate that they know anything about the job. A written test should be required for all people running for public office. That is not the only qualification but it should be part of it. You must pass the test to be on the ballot. Your score is then published. At the least, you will know whether the person can identify the U.S. on a world map.

  • fred

    We get 2 percent on our savings/checking account. We also use a Fidelity credit card that puts the “cashback” directly into our 401k tax free. We use that card for everything. We just bought a used vehicle and paid for part with the credit card. We have the money to cover the whole amount but why not defer the payment for a month and get 2 percent put in our 401k?

  • Mike

    What we really need to do with Ca is sell it to Mexico for a cheap price. CA might be a pretty state but face the facts, High taxes, more gun control then most all the other states. Most area’s of CA are without money to keep up the local governments. Houses are way over priced and even if you move there do not try to take a car that you already own as the fee’s will most times be as much as the car is worth. CA and I amit mostly LA has some of the highest crime rates in the USA and parts of LA are just as bad as the getto’s of Detroit and it isn’t Detroits fault that they have a lack of jobs as the major companies moved out, but then gain if the taxes hadn’t been out of sight they never would have moved. The best thing besides movies that comes out of CA is the weed grown in the northern part of the state.

    • Harry McNicholas

      California sends twice as much tax revenue to the Feds as to what it receives back. Maybe they should send only half and that would fix their finances. Of course the other states who suck on the Fed would be bankrupt. California is the 9th largest economy on the planet and it is just a state and not a country. It is the food basket for the U.S. It also supplies most of the high tech to the U.S. Most California cities have Little problem paying their bills. Houses are priced based upon the market just as they are in every state. I have no idea where you got your nonsense but exsiting automóbiles and fees. LA does not have high crime rates compared to Detroit. Flint, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dallas and many other cities. California might do better on its own since then it would not have to be paying for your bills.

  • Norm W, Elizabethtown, KY

    Why is it that people on here that make the stupidest remarks, hide without having a profile of any kind? Or is it that they are too stupid to make a profile to begin with? Either way, if you aren’t man enough to identify yourself in some way, then you are a coward spouting out hatred and BS.

  • Norm W, Elizabethtown, KY

    Why are all the stupid, uninformed remarks made on sites like this are always done by people who are such cowards that they have no profile whatsoever? If you are man / woman enough to make your stupid remarks you should be man enough to stand behind them but it is easier to take the cowardly way out and not give any clues to what kind of person you are or even what place you live. People who do that, most people who read your remarks don’t take anything you say seriously, so why waste your time?

  • me-me

    I get 23.7 % on my Checking Account and 32.7 % on My Savings at my Bank

  • Steve O’Leary

    Yeah, the interest rates are significantly lower than the inflation rates.. you end up losing money.

  • Marty Truelove

    I live in Canada…should I run and withdraw my $20 savings?(I might be better with it under my pillow)

  • American Citizen

    How did this degenerate from percentage on a checking account to Right Wing Propaganda? And to answer Chuck’s question. The Republican Party did nothing to help with the Health Care when they were in power. And the only thing they have done is; well actually not much except start two wars that haven’t been paid for. Ruined our economy and then blamed it on the Democrats. Oh and before you get your facts from Rush or Misinformation Fox News, I am a voting conservative Republican. Have been for years. But I don’t agree with right wing B.S. I would rather extend my hand across the aisle. After all, we are all Americans and we need to do the best for each other. For what else can you ask of a man than to make this a better place for ourselves and our neighbors. That is why I will never vote for a Tea Party Candidate. I wish they would start their own minority party. All they have done is to waste our time with their silly do nothing right wing factions. Recent elections have begun to show that the American people are starting to tire of their dribble.

    • DDofAL


  • crush

    Calif. born here etc. until 2004 moved to Texas, came back to cal year ago and cant wait to get back to Texas. M G Palmer YOU are by far the BIG dumbass you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. 100grand can get you in some places in Texas 100 acres, and can even write off the land and pay no taxes on it. Now who IS the DUMBASS. So you keep your pissyass 5acres and remain in Ca. The more A__HOLES that remain here, the more taxes GOV. BROWN can SUCK DRY…

  • OC

    This article – about 00.00005 interest rate is a joke right?

  • cindy Dhar

    Thank you all. But we started with credit union in California. Do you have info on that.

  • lela

    Reagan started the banking collapse with deregulating the banks and Bush finished us off with 9/11, collapsed economy, accomplished nothing for 8 years. Pres. O had to get Bin Laden and end the wars Bush started, get insurance for the uninsured, get the banks back on their feet, get the auto industry humming again and could have accomplished lots more if not for an uncooperative Congress.

  • Bert Dirt

    for the record leave any texans out of intelligent conversations.

  • liamiranda

    Clearly, not all bank accounts are the same. Make sure your bank is in the know and bank with a bank who gets it. Check out this fun video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTQ7dpNSNsQ&feature=youtu.be and see why bigger isn’t always better.

  • Econbank

    The interest rate you earn in one country is dependent on the strength of your currency, because ultimately the interest rate on safest investments is meant to be set at a point that “keep up with inflation” So while a 3.5% rate in NZ appears better, it should be comparable to a 0.8% rate in the US currently adjusted for inflation

  • Yer mama

    Wow. Reading idiots form California and Texas argue about which is the worse place to live is just too funny to pass up. Cali and TX have to be two of the worst places in this country to live, save for perhaps downtown Detroit. California is a bankrupt dust bowl full of sub-par schools, bankrupt cities and towns, failing infrastructure and generally very low quality of life. And Texas, well, enough said. Texas is just plain inexcusable. Good luck to you all, you clowns.

  • Tony Z

    I get .0124 @ TCF in Rochester hills, Michigan. Guaranteed for 12 months!
    Flagstar Bank in Michigan offers .0110 for 12 months guaranteed for 12 months?
    So why aren’t these banks mentioned in the article?

  • Avice Mendenhall Woodard

    This is wrong. Discover rate is 0.85% and has been for a long time, when ally was less than 0.8%. I wouldn’t trust any of these figures.

  • toyotadeal

    All I can say, regardless of where you live in the USA, no one is trying to leave this country. Everyone is trying to cme to the USA, the greatest country in the world. I say if you don,t like it get your **** out of it.

  • Harry McNicholas

    Regarding my opinión that only people who have served in the military should be elected to public office. If we lived in a society that very rarely became involved in a war, then that would not be necessary but that is not the case. We are continuously sending our soldliers out to die or to kill other people while the chickenhawks stay safe and sound at home. You cannot ask someone to do something that you have not done yourself. Bush may have been in the National Guard but he was never near any war zone. Obama never served a day and his opponent in the last election dodged the draft twice. Either stop this warmongering or step up to the plate and volunteer to go into battle.

  • dowdp

    I’m a lifelong Californian who is moving to Belize in a few months. Taxes here in CA and the US are too high and governmental services are at a minimum.

    Belize is English-speaking (a former British colony), its currency is pegged to the US dollar (at 2-1 . . . which is not always an advantage), the multi-ethnic people are very friendly and living costs are fairly low.

    Google ‘Belize’ to learn more.

  • Chris

    Yes the liberals and morons elected a Muslim moron to hep drive our economy over a cliff. California is model for the liberal ideology. The state has high taxes, is broke and the government is run by unions. They also continue to elect Nancy Pelosi, which speaks volumes.

  • http://www.writingRX.tumblr.com donbates

    Where do all these flat-headed pundits come from? After reading the article, I thought I would get more ideas about best banks and rates and except for the credit union suggestion I get screeds about people’s politics. Get a life, folks, really.

  • John

    All that I have read in the comments section misses the point. That is the bad reporting on msnbc, simple to see they were paid for this article by the banks they promoted .

  • Bill

    All you guys talking about NY and Cal you should come to Florida to see what hell on earth is really like. Where the only jobs you can get is working in some fast food joint for about $7.83. Florida also does not care about or take care of their veterans here as I should know first hand since I am currently homeless with no money and no job. You can’t get any help from anybody either without filling out 10,000 pages of red tape paperwork. During my military career I have lived in many places including Cal and other parts of the world and as of yet I’ve never seen a worst hell hole than the state of Florida.

  • Humble yourself

    This country just tears each other apart it’s sad. One loves, CA and the other loves TX who cares. It’s okay to love your states for different reasons without attacking each other. If you didn’t love it you’d relocate, benefit of the land of the free. A conversation about savings accounts turns nasty, big surprise.

  • what

    How did a topic on interest get so political?

  • eroteme1

    Worthless. It is just as good to keep your money in a jar, or a separate checking account.

  • Robert J NEVEAU Sr.

    I would like to fine out more about the 770 bank account they are advertising on the computer that the Banks theare putting money into and making 5% on are money that we have in our savings accounts and pay us only ,9 tenths of 1.% The 770 account has been advertised as in existence for the past 121 years paying 5% interest.

  • garyj1947

    I have a Mid Florida Credit Union Christmas Club that I get 5% on. I wish I could put more than 3,000 in it.

  • darkcloud

    Can’t take credit for this as it came from my brother. “Communism/Socialism—–The harder you work the better your neighbor lives.” Sort of says it all.

  • ColoMom

    Check out credit unions. We have been happiest over the years with them . Where we live our Credit Union is the largest ‘bank’ in town. No fees, free checking etc. etc. Very happy with them.

  • Barbara Kinney

    The interest rates are too puny at our now “for profit” rather then “for people” banks.

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  • J.Amy

    Im a fan of Ally Banks Savings account. .90% interest rate. no fees. 6 transfers out and unlimited in per month.

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