Four years ago, I was frustrated. I wanted to find the best ski resort for a family vacation, but the information online was a complete mess. Even the so-called “experts” I found on search engines were secretly just advertisers, recommending the resorts that paid them the most.

I started noticing the same problem across several different categories. Which dog breed would be the best for my family? Which college was the right fit for my son? Sure, you could find a bunch of quick answers on the web, but it was tremendously frustrating to sort fact from fiction, and I kept wondering if I really had all the information. Had I missed something? It was impossible to tell. It finally occurred to me that these types of problems—choosing a ski resort, picking a dog, researching a college—are actually very similar. How you make a complex decision is the same, just with different data. My entrepreneurial side realized that this big problem was a big opportunity.

So we started FindTheBest. Our team began collecting data—hard facts about all sorts of things you might be interested in—organizing all the information you’d need to research with confidence. We ended up building several different sites, from FindTheBest (products and services) to FindTheData (reference information) to FindTheCompany (business information).

We quickly realized that our initial project was far more massive than we thought. We were expanding in all kinds of directions, each time exposing new insights by connecting topics—but this information was now spread across our different sites. Organizing it in this way didn’t make sense.

Things just got a lot easier. We’ve combined all of our websites—that’s 726 million listings and 59 billion facts across 2,000 topics—to create the world’s largest research engine. What exactly is a research engine? It’s one place that has exhaustive data on almost anything you’re interested in. We collect facts from the most authoritative sources so you don’t have to bounce from blue link to blue link on a search engine trying to gather and make sense of all the information.

And today, we’re taking another big step toward delivering on that promise. We’re expanding into a new topic, real estate, one of the most highly-considered purchases a person will ever make.

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Welcome to a better way to research.

Kevin O’Connor, CEO