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If you’re in the market for a washing machine—you’ve finally gotten tired of schlepping down to the nearest laundromat, or your family ran its current machine into the ground—you’ve got a big decision to make.

The decision likely won’t be as exciting as buying a smartphone or a fancy new car, but considering that the average American family uses a washing machine for 10 years and does eight loads of laundry a week, it’s still a major purchase that will impact you and your family for years to come.

So to help you find the best washing machines, we combined five important factors into one overall score out of 100—the Smart Rating.

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#10 – Samsung WA45H7200AW ($800)


#9 – Samsung WF42H5000AW ($800)


#8 – Maytag MHWE301YW ($999)


#7 – LG WM8500HVA ($1600)


#6 – Samsung WA48H7400AW ($900)


#5 – LG WM3570HVA ($1210)


#4 – Samsung WA56H9000AP ($1500)


#3 – Samsung WF42H5200AP ($1000)


#2 – Samsung WF45H6300AG ($1200)


#1 – Samsung WF56H9100AG ($1700)

About the Smart Rating and the Full List

How we created the Smart Rating

The first factor within the Smart Rating is warranty. You’ve already shelled out plenty to buy your machine, so you’ll want to know that if your machine breaks, it’s covered with a reliable warranty.

Next, we looked at standard efficiency ratings from Energy Star for water and energy consumption. The less water and energy that your washing machine guzzles, the better for your wallet and for the environment.

Then, we logged performance and features, asking questions like, what is the number of preset wash cycles? How many temperature settings and spin speeds are there? And what is the max spin speed?

But we didn’t stop there. We also collected expert ratings from JD Power on everything from performance, to overall customer satisfaction, reliability, and ease of use.

And lastly, we factored in cost of ownership, measured by the the price of your machine per laundry load capacity (in cubic feet) of the washer. 

We hope that you will find the following list based on our Smart Rating a helpful guide! But remember, it’s also important to toggle with your price range and filter for the features that are the most important to you on our full washing machines topic before you buy.

See the rating for all 681 washing machines

  • http://batman-news.com s p

    This is a blatant advertisement for Samsung.

    • Kiran Dhillon

      Hi s p! I can see how it would look like that, but our product manager made the Smart Rating with no bias in mind. It’s all a weighted average of the five factors I mentioned. You can see a detailed breakdown if you go to http://washing-machines.findthebest.com/ and then hover over “What’s this?” in the Smart Rating column. I hope this helps!

      • aleart


      • Kevin

        Its either a blatant ad for samsung or the worst review top ten ever. Most of the listed machines are duplicates – colour variants and nothing more.

    • samoi134

      You have proof? You should put forward evidence that other machines are better and that Samsung had some role in the story. Maybe both are true. You have evidence?

    • http://cmit.com.jm KamronBennett

      Nope, its not actually – I have one of these Samsung washers and damn they good! Quiet, works like a charm, less energy than the Whirlpools, Maytags etc. and can hold far more laundry than the others. I’ve owned quite a few brands in my life and I swear by Samsung!

      • jeffersonlasola

        Actually No Bias, The Technology and Innovation of Samsung greatly evolve from all kinds of appliances, electronics and even Construction. . . I think the Idea here is to be the best among the rest. . .

        • http://cmit.com.jm KamronBennett

          And they are, so I don’t see why the world is so taken up by Apple, Smasung’s innovation transcends mobile phones, it is in all the categories you mentioned plus more including healthcare and pharmaceuticals. A far more effective company that Apple and Microsoft etc.

      • Hirohito

        Lucky you; I swore at mine as it was hauled off to the dump.

    • Hirohito

      You mean Samdung? Once burned twice shy. I learned my lesson on Samdung crap.

  • Samuraiiii Shonan Sushi Shef

    This article has nothing to do with banking. Is CNN as bad as Yahoo?

    • John D.

      You can wash money if you want..

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    WTF???????????? its a con job

  • What?!!!

    Sponsored by Samsung.

  • Xcieg

    I clicked on an add for savings accounts. So is CNN suggesting that I ditch the savings account and buy a washer?

    • Ray Wolfson

      throw your money into it, and you can launder it nicely.

  • DB

    I’m confused. If there are 4 Samsung washers and 6 Maytag washers, how it is an ad for Samsung? Are Maytags made by Samsung?

  • Ray

    goodness, i never think of Samsung would be in the range for washing machine, i thought they only good at mobile phone. This is absolutely incorrect to carry the title of top-ten, instead they sould adding the “Top-ten washing machine from Samsung”.

    • vinz

      Im using samsung this time and still working great!
      Its a new tech ladder for samsung in today..

  • Jamie Maughan

    Nothing like washing machine’s

  • eamonS

    And ALL the best tv sets are SAMSUNG. Bias? Who, me,Lee Kun-hee, ? Are there no decent “Made in USA” washing machines?

    • http://cmit.com.jm KamronBennett

      Maytag – a distant second but that doesn’t mean they are not good.

    • Robert r Greken

      as far TV goes no one come close to Samsung so no best TV made in the us; however you still make the best entrainment shows and movies to be played on those TVs

  • Rick

    Get a real Miele made in Germany beats the shit out of a Samsung !

    • norma

      I agree Rick i have a Miele they take some beating! had mine 11yrs with no breakdowns

      • Brandon

        Thanks for your sharing, I have never seen Miele but I will find it and compare the benefit between Meile and Samsung. Make sure that we have other competence with SamSung

  • teloqui

    Whirlpool yeaaah !!


    as someone who repairs washing machines for a living i wouldn’t touch Samsung with a barge pole
    first off when you call the hotline for a service you get put through to a call center in China

    second they have almost no service back up

    and third getting spares is like trying to find rocking horse s**t in a cow shed!!!

    • xyz123xyz

      Which brand would you recommend then ?

      • JERRY

        Bosch, German engineering is generally better than the rest…

        • http://cmit.com.jm KamronBennett

          I swear by Samsung’s reliability, have one of these Samsung washers and they are great. Quiet – nothing beats that, efficient, holds more laundry and washes it better than all the others I have ever own, and lasts a lot longer, had a GE that went bad after 16 months, a seal in the tub went. Maytags are the next ones I would go for if there were no Samsungs to buy – as long as they work on the noise!

          And don’t fall for the ‘German Engineering’ crap, by now technology has reached a point where ‘ze Germans’ are getting a run for their money especially from the Aisians. So, German engineering is no longer guaranteed to be better, its just marketing and the reputation they had (from the War). Their cars offer no more value for money than Toyota/Lexus, Nissan, Cadillac and others. So, I will not fall for that.

  • Arun Kottur

    These machines also washes the pockets of the buyers.

  • Guest

    Seriously the person who did the review should go out more often to see what other brands there are out there.

  • Gala

    Electrolux :)

    • Irish Rover

      Nothing sucks like an Electrolux! lol

      • Gala

        Ours has served us well for 3 yrs now. Before that, we used a Sharp washing machine for 9 yrs. And they cost less than US$500.00.

        • Robert r Greken

          yes no reason to spend 1.1-1.7k on a washing machine they all do the same thing.

        • Olga18

          You’ve been lucky. Their appliaces have a terrible track record and they are ridiculously overpriced

          • Gala

            Not here in the Philippines. They both cost less than US$400. And even before that, we used a National or Panasonic wash mach that served us well for more than 5 years, in more than one home (we moved often).

          • Gala

            NOT! Our Electrolux wash mach of almost 3 yrs just broke down :/ Dunno if the dealer is to blame.. we took it to the nearest Electrolux store, they took almost 3 wks., they charged us about US$ 70-80, and all they fixed was the electrical wiring. The motherboard was broken. The cycles no longer worked. The most we could use it for now is to spin dry for only 5 mins., when it should spin-dry for 13 minutes at least. Basically, all they fixed was the electrical wiring. No longer will we buy this brand.

      • wtf

        How much did you get paid to do this for Samsung?

        • Irish Rover

          Why r u asking me that when I wasn’t the person who posted originally?! WTF? Am going to assume you are talking to “Riddler” and posted in the wrong reply section which belongs to “Gala”…..Ciao!!

  • Krissy

    Any Miele machine is superior to Samsung. Period.

  • a

    Pure samsung, bad review.

  • the listener

    The comments are more fun than the article!

  • A310

    Miele are the best home appliances. The most expensive and the
    most durable. I wonder where this Samsung Business come from.
    It looks to me as a paid advertisement.

  • Riddler

    Yes, this is definitely a Samsung piece. I see some of you are surprised to see Samsung in the washers business. Actually, this is one of the areas that they started in. In South Korea, where I’ve been living for over five years now, they make and run everything from cars, doors, wndows, apartments, Lotte World (an amusement park), Lotte Mart (supermarket/department store), TV’s, and various appliances. I shouldn’t even have to mention their smart phone. You almost can’t buying anything here that isn’t made by them.

  • Hong

    I’ll never ever buy this brand. Previous two of the appliances I bought did not passed the test. A rice cooker burst into flames within a month of use. Luckily there are people around the kitchen otherwise the whole house will be burned down and a television set that start to have noise problems after 3 years of use.

  • http://www.korioi.net/ Korios

    Is this a grey Samsung commercial? Why feature only Samsung devices?

  • fuzzball

    Other than maybe Romney or Gates,who would pay $1,700 for a washing machine?

  • omar

    A new type of advertisement

  • OldGrandDad114

    Statistically impossible. This is the most blatantly biased “review” I’ve ever seen. Let me get this straight: out of all the washing machines on the market, 9 of the top 10 are made by the same company. Right.

    • Olga18

      They actually didn’t rate 10 machines. They rated 5 Samsung machines in each of the 2 colors they come in. Look at the models numbers. The only difference in most of them is the color code at the end of the model number

  • Joey

    The headline should have just been “TOP 10 SAMSUNG WASHING MACHINES ON THE MARKET”.

    This is more of a Samsung review than a market review.

  • A310

    AEG would be the second best after Miele.

  • Mang Simeon

    oh my, i will never buy a samsung washing machine again… a couple of months after 5-year warranty expired, its motor got busted while my mom’s National (now Panasonic) washer bought on December of 1999 is still fully functional even now – no mechanical parts replaced…

  • Alvin Lee

    This article is true… Just that they have meant the ‘market’ to be in S Korea

  • DEAN

    I have to say Korean Appliances are among the best in the world. The Koreans are masters at taking other manufacturers products apart thousands of times until they improve the overall product. True, they copy everything someone else has invented long ago but give them credit where it is due.

  • p556741944

    Chinese makers will take over from Samsung in ten years.

    • meadic

      kidding …give ching ching pong pong 45 Yrs …….they explode too !!

      • p556741944

        People had been saying similar things about Korea until a decade ago.

    • Archie Caldwell

      Theres so many of them their every where.

  • peabody5

    I am disappointed with my new Samsung machine as my laundry often smells bad after drying. I figured out why: according to customer service, my new machine does not use ANY heated water for the first hour of ANY wash(even if I put it on 90 degrees) BUT the detergent would go in within this first hour…so I was washing with cold water and detergent; –as you may know detergent needs 20 degrees C water to fully work.
    ANd if you don’t have time to wait for a wash to finish, I had left the laundry in the machine for a few hours, like let the machine run in the morning, and hung it up in the evening after work, which was not a problem with my previous 10 year old, belt driven LG, which washed with hot/warm water from the start, but IS for a cold-water washing Samsung.

  • http://bestwordpressbusinessthemes.com/10-best-wordpress-themes-2012-june/ George Michael

    Which market are the writer mentioning?

  • singhal

    So stupid! whosoever has published this. Atleast include a few other names otherwise everybody will say that it is a blatant ad from samsung.

  • B.L

    MIELE is the best!

  • Monica

    have bought a Samsung front loader & have had it for about 4 yrs, I am very happy with it, never had a problem with it. My previous machine was a Smeg, after a few years the seal began to grow mould & the soap dispenser always needed cleaning & grew spots of mould as well, the wash never smelt really clean, so I was sort of pleased when it finally died & the repair man said it wasnt worth fixing. My Samsung makes my wash smell clean & has other options such as silverwash, air stanitiser (for hats pillows duvet inners etc ) and is very quiet, has never gone “off balance ” as other machines ive owned have & it has the added bonus of being a washer/dry combo, so doesnt take up alot of space. I have to say my Smeg did last along time before it broke down tho. But so far am very happy with Samsung.

  • Jon E.

    The premise for this article is just stupid. I think that what many are offended by is the idea that you have to spend $1,000 to $2000 to acquire a competent washing machine, especially where water is not that expensive and in good supply. There may be some gold plated perfect machine out there that costs $10,000 and washes 50 pounds of clothes with 16 ounces of water. But, who cares? What I would find interesting or useful is: “what’s the best washer I can buy for certain price points or levels?” Doesn’t ‘Consumer Reports’ do this?

    • Guillaume de Zwirek

      @jon e. you can find the best washing machine for your specifications (price, load, etc) using washing-machines.findthebest.com. The overall ranking that determined this post is based on a common bucket of criteria, also explained on the first page of this post.

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  • Charmaine Elizabeth Collings

    If you look up a machine online and search for customer reviews, the LG brand has the best record. My machine which listed for $899 was bought on sale at Thanksgiving last year for $599. Of 215 customer reviews, 212 loved it and the three who didn’t were unhappy with: color for one, noise (chimes at load end), and spinning seemed noisy. Samsung is evidently having a problem with failure of its direct drive. When I went to Lowe’s to get my LG, I saw a returned samsung which was being sold used without warranty for $325! I read about the problems with direct drive and after checking out Consumer’s reports online and coming to the conclusion that I could not trust their ratings in this instance due to the high number of bad reviews by customers. Not sure why Consumer’s rated Samsung so high…they usually don’t have a bias problem…what’s up with that?

  • Debauchee


  • Rusty appliance Man

    We do not even service Samsung anymore! They broke down so fast that we could not keep up with them. And support???? Someone you can’t understand, and RUDE too. I have been a repairman for 37 years. Samsung should stick to TV’s and phones. As for tech support talk to Steve, high on meth 24-7, words just fly out of his mouth so fast you can’t test anything.

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  • Thomas Struszka

    Not too surprising , or? Regarding that the US was still using these toploaders with 1950′s technology that are completely un-effective, anything else would be in the top 10..although I oddly see some of these relics in the list. When it comes to household appliances we’re in some sort of neandertal, so no wonder that imports score high.

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  • Randy195204

    I have a fisher paykel on it’s 12th yr. one diverter valve replaced about 5 years ago. Does not skid a beat. Still runs the same as when I got it new. Still sounds like a f-16 spooling up on the final spin cycle though. The shine is off most appliances within 3 years so you can buy another.

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