The majority of Americans (54 percent according to a recent Pew Research Center Study) support the legalization of marijuana.

But until more states join the ranks of Washington and Colorado, which legalized the sale of marijuana in 2012, the only way for most law-abiding Americans to get the drug is to buy it at a dispensary.

Browse all 2,919 medical marijuana dispensaries

We wanted to know (obtaining a medical marijuana card aside), how difficult is it to find marijuana in the 20 states that sell it?

It looks like a piece of cake in California, where there are more than 2,000 dispensaries. But the establishments aren’t so common in all states where medical marijuana is legal. Check out the top 10 states by number of dispensaries per square foot in the graph below.

Note this graph is based on a database that our users helped build. We’re always welcoming new entries. To add a location we don’t have yet, visit the comparison here, and scroll to the bottom of the page, until you see the “add listing” button. Thanks!

  • Bob

    Wouldn’t per head of population make more sense? I suspect the queues are longer in Providence than enthusiasts would like.

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  • kingwarren

    The best way to determine good alcohol is to drink a little more than you should. If you don’t get a headache from over drinking it is good to drink again.

  • ralph

    Colorado ….degenerate but proud! Very sad!

  • Norma Butcher

    Keep the populace stoned so they care even less than they ALREADY do about what’s REALLY going on around them. i.e. their loss of rights, freedoms, etc.